Golf: Find Center

Golf: Find Center

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“Finding Center”: not easy, yet it’s most important. The centers
are disturbed by terrain & the game itself - The game of golf is a game of
clubs - 14 by the rules. The clubs vary in length and loft. The placement
of the ball in position of stance varies with each club and is determined by
terrain and each clubs singular characteristics.
If this is not enough, as a teacher one must know who one is teaching.

If the students don’t know who they are it is the responsibility of the teacher to find out so they know.My questioning is done specifically for the student to know their differences, so if they emulate anyone they emulate the correct model.Most only understand this by gender and size. It’s a start, but falls short into who’s who that has proved most valuable is an understanding of eye dominance. Seven years of tracking who’s who contains percentages that have freed the individual and steered one on course thus allowing the club maker to manufacture the clubs to fit correctly.Example - how would you like to be left eye dominant, use an off-set putter, but play the game from the right side?We know the theory had been, “Move the ball under the dominant eye”.
To assume right handed golfers are right eyed dominant may not be
alarming if by assumption the percentage is an insignificant - 95% - 5% but, what if it were much, much more? What if the percentage is 66 2/3% vs 33 1/3? What then?
Have you ever taken note that the old bulls-eye by.Titleist is still hanging
around? Have you ever sought to discover eye dominance of the bulls-eye
putter user? Or, have you ever wondered why that “cheapo” putting course putter with the center shaft - designed in such a way that instead of buying 100 for your putting course you purchase 50 because you’ve serviced the needs of both lefties and righties, and what appears to be an economical venture turned into a club fitting corrective by accident more than design! How is it we’ve evolved with two eyes not one? And, why was Jack Rule’s Croquet Putter of 1965 quickly taken out of play? What can be learned of its effectiveness? And,why has Sam Snead continued to set up the croquet way with a slight alteration thereby abiding to the rules - “No straddling the line...”? Why does the long putter stablize many of those who have failed when using a conventional putter? The long putter does more than connect ones center by filling the space where the short putter is absent. It pulls the set-up closer to the line that the golf ball is to roll on, hence one’s vision is allowed to function in a manner that connects our anatomically evolved state, not that of one eyed Sicilian Cyclops. To produce off-set putters abundantly, denying the acquaintance of both eyes, actually discarding one over the other, and not understanding who’s who,is a basic misconception as flawed as all players practicing with the same practice ball, but play with a selection of well over 2000 choices leaving no connection between anyone's practice and play. The exception, however is the PGA/LPGA tour. The stakes are high and who would want to en-grain opposing feel on and off the playing field and golf range disorienting the player and their respectiveve sponsors? Too costly! Meanwhile, we use two eyes of our anatomically evolved state to see the line. “Know who you are”, includes left eye dominant right hand swingers as well as right eyed dominant right hand swingers. Knowing this, left eyed dominant right hand players know, an on-set putter is the putter of choice 33 1/3% of the time. Yet, to seek an on-set putter in the world of putters is void of supply. Why? While you may wonder about this you may wonder about which ball to use that relates to swing speed and weather conditions: cold, hot or neutral, combined with your swing speed 70, 110 or 90?

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Richard Martinez 7 years ago from Pleasant Prairie WI. 53158

Jack find center is this the set up?

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