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golf can be very frustrating
golf can be very frustrating | Source

Your First Golf Game

Your very first golf game will be an exciting and nerve racking experience. This can be especially stressful if you are going out with colleagues from work or clients you are trying to impress. Golf is a big part of business and if you can stand and play with the others, your relationships with clients will be that much stronger.

I recommend golfing with friends first as you will feel more comfortable. You may take quite a ribbing your first time but you should be able to survive it. Friends love to bug each other about all aspects of their golf game.

The tips I am about to offer you are more geared around the etiquette and survival of your first round. I'm guessing you are familiar with the rules and how golf is played so I will go into some things that have helped me through my first rounds.

If you are golfing with clients or peers from your office you don't want to embarrass yourself and risk never getting asked to go golfing again. This can also be an area of respect and a test to see if you are ready for bigger things career wise.

Don't let the green control you.
Don't let the green control you. | Source

Tips Before You Get to The Golf Course

Before you get to the course make sure you have the proper supplies so you can avoid the scenario where you have to ask someone for equipment. Buy lots of tees and balls. Also make sure you have a golf glove for the proper hand, ball marker and divot repair tool. You will need this stuff even if you plan on renting clubs at the course.

Call the golf course ahead of time and find out what the dress code is. Some courses require very specific clothing and you don't want to be turned away or forced to buy something at the overpriced pro shop. Make sure you bring clothes for all types of weather. You will not have any fun sweating your butt off or if you are shivering cold.

Make sure you bring extra water with you. Even if you are carting it you will get very thirsty during the round.

Bring plenty of cash with you so you can purchase items from the food/beverage cart on the course. If every player takes a turn buying a round of drinks you don't want to be the one without enough cash.

Stay away from the sand traps
Stay away from the sand traps | Source

Tips for Your First Golf Game

  1. Arrive at the course early so you have plenty of time to find the pro shop, washrooms and other facilities. Get all your clubs ready or start renting a set as soon as you arrive. If you are renting a cart you can start filling out the necessary paper work and grab the keys.
  2. If you rent a golf cart and end up sharing with someone dry to avoid being the driver. This may sound silly but it will really help you stay focused if you are the passenger. It can be hard to focus on driving (following the proper paths) and thinking about your next shot.
  3. When on the tee box take a few practice swings and tee up your ball high if you plan on using a driver. This will improve your chances of actually striking the ball.
  4. Don't swing too hard. This is everyone's first problem. Let the club do the work and you will be surprised how much straighter and further your shots will end up. This is very important. A short shot on the fairway is much better than a 200 yard shot into the bush.
  5. If you find yourself falling behind during a hole, pick up your ball and move on. Just add a few strokes or tell the score keeper you did not count that hole. If possible don't keep score at all. Your first round will not be memorable so its probably best to forget it.
  6. Have an alcoholic drink if at all possible. This will take off the edge and make your swing a bit smoother. Just don't have too many or it will have the opposite affect.
  7. When you are in close to the green just use an 8 iron and chip the ball on. Trying a fancy wedge shot will only make the ball go 20 yards past the green.
  8. When you are putting don't walk on the line of anyone's ball. Also make sure you keep quiet while others are putting.
  9. If you happen to hit a ball in the water take a drop on the other side. This will avoid consecutive, demoralizing shots into the water.
  10. Relax and enjoy the game. Take in the fresh air and check out the scenery.
  11. After the last putt on the 17th hole, shake hands with everyone and show good sportsmanship.
  12. The 19th hole. After a round it's very common to go into the club house for a drink and something to eat. Try to attend this or some people will think you are being snobby. This is kinda part of the whole golf experience even though it's after the actual golf game.

Hopefully these tips have helped you survive your first round of golf without major embarrassment.

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