Golf & Golfer’s Ever-changingCharacter

Ben Hogan

Golf & Golfer’s Ever-changing Character

“Ah” is a satisfying expression. Could it be that one pauses and takes in the beauty of a setting sun or the majesty of a mountain and say “Ah”? The wonders of nature reveal themselves in natural setting of golf courses. Hence, one gravitates to the game of golf for external reasons. Could it be that the sound of a golf ball, well struck, brings from the player and the gallery the satisfying expression “Ah” internalizing personal gratification - well done?

Within the domain of golf and golfers are boundaries. There is separation. There are rules. The diversity of the game includes the design of the golf course. Out of bounds stakes designate the field of play, in or out. Distance and accuracy factors vary in golf course design including each independent hole – short or long challenge all players whether one is skillful or not. Boundaries may include designated areas for players to begin any given golf hole, in accord with ones, age, gender, skill level, or event. All of this is experienced on hilly terrain, with one exception (the starting place). The beginning of a golf hole’s flat surface – mirrored on golf ranges, which are separate and distinct from golf courses. The range is the preparation site.

One of golf’s euphemisms is the PGA’s “Get Golf Ready”

I’ve often wondered how the ground crew felt about the term, knowing that it’s more than an assumption that “It’s my duty to have the golf course ready for play.” Could it be that “Get Golf Ready “is ownership and/or personal. “ I’m ready to play, I’m ready for the challenge”, contestants say. Another euphemism is “Tee It Forward.” What is the suggestion? Sounds inviting, a bit mysterious, and may include more than one meaning. Is its direction ‘me’ or the ball, or both? ‘More distance’ is factored into golf’s challenge! It seeps into anyone’s program: personal, or “Tee It Forward”, an intent to speed play that is both personal and facility control. ‘Time’ has an awareness of the monetary strength, the economic venture- manufacturers propel into the game with clubs and golf balls. If by teeing the ball in a tilted fashion - the ‘forward tilt’ itself may reward me and compels me. When the meaning implies shorten the course by “Tee It Forward” what happens to the challenge? Why have traditional golf courses been around sixty-five hundred yards in length, and contemporary seventy-five hundred?

Does speed of play instigate whether one plays from the ’tips’ or tee it forward? When one runs the fifty yard dash ones time is better than when running the 100 yard dash. The distance is shorter. No mystery there! However, the challenge is the speed in which I had run either race. If we are looking for speed in golf, shortening may help but what of ‘challenge’? Golf is not a race. Those running the race (not in the race) know there are many participants. “Have a nice day”, so we say to one another, “Have ‘fun’!” Nice words. Don’t forget challenge.

What’s the formula of preparation? Some say, “Tee It Forward”, your handicap designates it”. If one improves their handicap by practice on the golf range, or better yet, takes golf lessons seeking to improve, isn’t the preparation to become more skillful? Therefore, those tending to a golf facility nurture ‘speed of play’. It’s economically correct. Could it be a win-win if ‘fun’ were included in the package?

“Yes, absolutely”, you say, “If Profit Maximizing Business is the way”. But, what if Social Business were included, then what? Let’s go back to the golf range and the factor of preparation – lessons and practice. We know there is separation by design, between range and course. The value

Of economics is included in ones practice and taking golf lessons. Is there something missing on the practice range? Could it be whether one’s able to studying all aspects of the golf game or not?

There is! This may be shocking. What golf range offers variable lie angle that you’ll experience in play on any golf course. The answer is, “Few and far between”! Could it be, because of missing the opportunity to calibrate ones distances? How could this be? Spin and flight variables disarm accuracy and alignment procedure. A collaboration to express “Tee It Forward” may be by assumption an effort to have ‘fun’- simultaneously excluding “challenge” in the art form – golf. Why? What’s happened to education? Bringing learning aids i.e., “Crooked Lies” to golf ranges represents a total golf course experience. Could it be by challenging golf course lie angle we develop our skills on the practice range providing a total education?

Lowering my handicap, becoming a better golfer, not only speeds play by becoming a better golfer - “fun’ is my companion. Yet, I’m denied complete golf range experience by flat lie only! Accepting “crooked lies”- a comment made, “I find center with an understanding of angle, and you know what - my favorite “crooked lie” is slightly uphill, my feet below the ball, a bit of ‘hook’ in it! I’m aiming it to be experienced on the golf course!”

Golf and golfers ever-changing character finds a friend in “Crooked Lies” Who wants ignorance? “Crooked Lies” changes that! To calibrate, one becomes skillful. To teach I must be inclusive. JTGE does that!

Paradox! Speed up play how? Some say, Tee It Forward. PMB - Profit Maximizing Business can share its position with SB - Social Business without tantilizing the word “fun”! When told by the Starter, at the first tee, “Your handicap designates where and when to play from a certain tee area”. But, could “challenge” be returned and be included with “Crooked Lies” accompanying the word “fun”? Harmony could exist because of a total experience that equals PMB and SB - golf range and course too!

At Indian Wells C.C., in the winter of 1969, Moon Mullins and I were in the golf shop when Gardener Dickenson came in and asked, “Moon, would it be alright if I take my Shag Bag and work-out in a baranka (Whitewater Wash)? Your golf range is flat, like everyone’s in the desert, but I want to work on other things than just “flat”!

As we think about “Tee It Forward” and you think about playing that Links Golf Course - what of you - the player, knowing the challenge will exaggerate undulation characteristics? Wouldn’t your choice of “fun” include more than an educated guess? How will this shot fly? “What is my distance when I’m uphill or downhill?”, “Where do I aim?”, “How does the ball behave from this angle (trajectory and curve)?” To calibrate and execute is an issue, which “Crooked Lies” has challenged the golf world to accept.


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