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Crooked Lies : Golf Practice Mat

Golf: Help Is On The Way!

issue of 'fun' and creativity as they interrelate in the arena of golf

Golfers are told: "Tee it Forward", the meaning of which transforms a golf course into a short version of a golf course's length rather than a long version of the same golf course. This idea has been expressed as a means of "having more fun" that by shortening distance - speed of play will be an outcome.

Here are some new ideas to have more ' fun ' and speed play. If I give you variable lie angles on the golf range a question may occur - “What’s the possibility you'll know direction and distance to the target on the golf course with more certainty than without practicing effectively?", asks Transcendental Golf.

The PGA's May 2013 golf magazine has Ted Bishop, PGA president, stating, “I have never seen a more exciting player development program than Get Golf Ready. .... “The beauty of Get Golf Ready is the fact that more than 80% of those who participate in the five sessions will stay in the game the first year. ...." we need to use Get Golf Ready as a way to show players how to have fun and not be intimidated at the golf course."

Could it be that intimidation at a golf course is because of not knowing that 80% of golf is variable lie angles? Could it be that variable lie angle practice at golf ranges is nearly non-existent? Why practice only golf's 20% flat lies? As Bishop strongly suggests ...” that you (the PGA member) build in some creative ways to emphasize fun, just as much as you do technical instruction, at your facility." Transcendental Golf's golf course on the golf range is extracting from Mother Nature your favorite variable lie angle, that may have been your experience, but you may not know calibration as an immediate gratifying thorough understanding, yet! Does the PGA's 2.0 and Get Golf Ready address this situation?

How do I line up my golf shot from a hook lie angle? How far does a flat lie - 100 yard wedge travel when uphill or downhill from the same distance -100 yards? What's the trajectory or flight of my golf shot from variable lie angles? Golf is completely diversified. Repetition and 'muscle memory' are in constant shambles! Nothing is the same! That's the shape of golf. 'Fun' is absorbed in ' fun's ' diversification is it not? This doesn't mean you meet diversification without calibration before intimidation possibilities present themselves at the golf course! However, you could ask,”What are ways of practicing effectively?" Variable lie angles at Transcendental Golf include two entities: 1) The Short Game, a nine hole wedge course. 2) A nine hole: par 36 course with flat and "Crooked Lies” called variable lie angles. We posed the question, “Do you want to get ready to play golf 'better' or 'easier'. We have chosen 'better' creatively.

When one's premise is to have ' fun ' does that mean ' made easy ' or could I expand my ability by becoming creative and in doing so have “fun "? Although the golf course and golf range are separate entities they need not refrain from teaching and improving golf's challenging aspects of variable lie angle as a collective unifying golf.. The cover of PGA Magazine says, “Special Teaching Issue - lowering scores will help you retain golfers." Of course! Who doesn't enjoy scoring better?

"With that joy comes playing and practicing more frequently", said Jerry Bacus at the golf range this morning. Those "Crooked Lies" that I experienced on the golf course are in my memory bank and your golf range, Jack, is the one place I can calibrate my golf shots in preparation for the next time to the golf course.

Jack answered, “Thanks for that, Jerry, because I was seeing calibration as what was gained from range to course, but you've shown me that from course to range is the vehicle of change too! Time for facilities in golf to belly-up-to-the-bar!

When watching Charlie Rose interview tight rope walker Philippe Petit and Philippe was asked," What were you thinking when tight rope walking? He answered, “Nothing!” Does this conversation sound too simple?

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