Golf: The Bennett's Part One of Two

Swing Doctor Teaching Aid

Evan Bennett was moving off the ball. Ricardo was told to hold Evan’s “ center “. This technique was to be done by using his hand and placing it upon Evan’s head - stablizing Evan as Evan swung the golf club.

The diluted energy form of Evan’s motion had sustained lateral unwanted movement. Rich had been assigned to delete and simultaneously educate the Bennett’s ie., the father and son team that had been working fervently on Evan’s golf game.

In addition to “ out of center “ movement, Evan had a shut club face that was easily noted at the transition of his golf swing.
Richard didn’t see this condition, or - he had ignored it, and he worked on something else he had found relevant.

Arthur, another teacher, had offered Evan some assistance as Evan and Randy focused on “ center “, and movement around its quietness for all golf clubs. Art had spotted a deficiency - there were many .

Art had told Evan his left arm was not in good position while in static posture. The joint of the elbow’s inner working should be pointed in a particular way - not this way nor that way.

Jack came upon the scene with everyone in tact: Randy, Evan, Rich, and Art. Jack asked, “ Evan, why are you holding the golf club in a hooked position in your left hand?”

“ What do you mean, Jack?”, asked Evan.

“Your left hand shows more knuckles than it should”, replied Jack .

Jack turned to both Art and Rich and said, “ You should have seen this. Why work with anything else when the foundation
of the swing is in error?”

Art continued, “ Well, the arm is to be set correctly.” He said this in defense of his advice to Evan.

“ The interior of the arm, at the elbow, should be facing this way”, said Art, as he demonstrated a solitary part of the swing.

“ So it should “, said Jack. “ However, it’s the placement of the hand that grasped the golf club incorrecty that has caused the arm to be so. “

“ You can see the ocean if you’re not concentrated on the wave.”, added Jack.

“Any questions? “, Jack asked.

“ If not, Evan, let me measure the size of your hands”, said Jack, as both Evan and Jack faced their palms together.

“ You have very long or lengthy hands “, said Jack. No wonder you’ve held the golf club as you have!”

Evan’s face showed relief and satisfaction that his dilemma could be solved by a possible tooling change.


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