The Crooked Lies™ allows teachers and players to experience 100% of golf's

Golf “Time for Nine”

"When less can be more" promoting the benefits of less golf to play ( nine holes, not eighteen ) because time doesn't allow 18 holes in the contemporary schedule of modern man. Could it be that play is slow? “Slow play “is the black and yellow cover story of Golf World magazine and "Jaime Diaz reveals why there are no fast fixes to speeding things up on the PGA Tour." Is this a good thing for the viewers of PGA Tour Golf? One wonders if it is catching, like a cold.

Recently, as Jason Day held the lead in the Masters after his 70th hole, Nick Faldo said, “Watch Jason closely - he's trying to visualize his shot." as, the TV cameras focused on his frozen expression. We could see that that is exactly what the old timer Cabrera was doing in the play-off which didn't include Jason Day. Cabrera made visualization look like a walk in the park and not intellectualized, like Day, but for Cabrera it was felt and intuited. Possibly at 43 years of age, not 25 like Day - experience allowed the mixing of Cabrera's colors from his palette eased the tools of choice and created a pattern of visualized shots for the moment? The golf arena has an abundance of canvas, and many artists to paint their works of art.

Could it be that " When less can be more" is a service or a DISSERVICE by practicing less: i.e., 20% of golf's flatness at a golf range 100% of the time, thereby avoiding 80% of golf's variable lie angles, which will be the direct experience of any golfer at any golf course? Would it not be prudent and distinctly advantageous to enhance calibration of one’s shot making?

Transcendental Golf offers a reviewing technique and disciplines all golfers on variable lie angles at a golf range? When calibration goes unanswered “less can be more" in a negative sense. The question:" Why did my 100 yard wedge shot Goes 90 yards from that uphill lie? Why is my ball traveling off line or am I off line to my target when standing on a hook lie? Yes, “...less can be more "- more shots with less calibration!

Could it be - her time - his time - my time and leisure time which is so precious.... “and the considerable chunk of the day that an 18 hole round often requires is not something everybody can afford." is as designated by reduction? “When less can be more”, Golf World: 05/06/13 - Golf Digest Program promotes benefits of nine-hole rounds, by Bill Fields. One would certainly think ' reduction ' is the way and blending contemporary society so by cutting in half ( nine holes- not eighteen ) or Tee it Forward by reducing distance, one can rush more things into ones daily schedule thereby quantitatively championing " more with less" oops that's suppose to be " When less is more "! Sorry, but does quality need take a back seat to quantity?!

Is the 'new' “Time for Nine” being launched by Golf digest in its June 2013 edition looking at society and its pattern of efficiency from a 'historical' or a materialistic point of view? If either/or, could be both 'historical' and 'materialistic' would we gain golf participation and prove those participating become societal beneficiaries from a premium activity called 'golf'? Whether old or young of age golf's depth experience need not dip to superficiality. Could it be that the ground work laid for 'more' golf activity is rendered as a speedy proposition and the chopping block is out? Please don't sterilize an ancient game of challenge! The PGA Tour's materialism is 'less can be more". Fewer strokes bring more money! Also, If one separates the connected state of an anchored putter from one’s body "...less can be more" by measurement. Space is of the essence and one would regain a true ' stroke ' (no mechanics), i.e., no anchor and would again have the equation: " less can be more" which is also designated with the teaching aid (the Putting Rod) that is made by JTGE It has an anchored telescopic device rewarding one the benefits of training an arc anchored stroke - non linear - with exception of a vertical shafted putter. The Candy Stick is a simplified version of the Putting Rod. Inherent in it design is it shares with all golfers an anchored training aid affording a universal study for oneself, an arc stroke by anchoring, thus retaining the benefits of the anchor in training, but removing the anchor when playing - " less can be more". Quantitatively we will solve whether or not mechanics or stroke or the Rules of Golf should be interfered with!

Utilize Circular Mats and Variable Lies

Jack Thomsen on the importance of utilizing circular mats and variable lies:

I have used circular mats for teaching since 1985 and all mats at Transcendental Golf range are circular. The reasoning behind this is simple: square, rectangular, hexagram or pentagram mats are linear. Therefore, aren’t ideal for practice because players tend to seek alignment from the outside edge of the mat. This means the golfer is looking forward (out in front), rather than down the line. Circular mats allow the player to align the clubface to any and all targets on a golf range. I adjusted our circular mats to include variable or “crooked,” lies so that players can practice different shots from all kinds of different lies. Each mat offers 360 degrees of angles for players to hit from. Determinations such as why an uphill shot comes up short, why to aim right with a hook lie, and so on, is intended to be calibrated so that players can practice different shot trajectories from all kinds of different lie angles, whether it be uphill, downhill or side hill. Non-flat or "crooked" lies teach calibration including alignment and distance factors; even if golfers reduce their course yardage, without proper "calibration," it's like a boxer’s left jab without a right cross. Also, I, as the teacher, or the player, can easily turn the lightweight unit, which has 10 degree of adjustable slope.

Jack Thomsen on the business impact of utilizing circular mats and variable lies:

As I have used circular and “crooked” lie mats, my students have gained a much better understanding of their golf swings and how to play from difficult lies. With a better understanding of these principals, my students have improved their scores and in turn increased my lesson bookings and instruction revenue each year. Transcendental Golf range is in natural setting and isn’t near a main transportation artery, most of my business is gained through word-of-mouth. Many of my students have benefited so much from the circular and “crooked” lie mats that they often refer their friends and families to use my facility. The more people who use the “crooked” lie mats, the more the referral rates increase and local golf courses experience speed of play had increased because of “calibration."

Hold on for a moment. Isn't 'bifurcate' the fancy word the PGA Tour within itself the provider of better behavior away from the golf course as well as on the golf course?

The tees go forward and the price for greens fees goes up! The golf course is less in length the 'more ' is the green fee! You've got less challenge yet the green fee is high.

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