Golf Training Program

Golf Training Program

Just the same as it is in any sport, it is important to train yourself to maximize your ability in the game of golf. Many golfers believe that training with weights will bulk them up too much and hamper their game and flexibility, but this simply is not the case. It is true however that you can train to gain size and in so doing lose some flexibility but by training properly you can avoid this nasty side effect. The most important aspects in golf are power, flexibility and form. By spending some quality time in the gym or even at home or outdoors, you can increase your effectiveness in these three areas.

A golf training program does not need to be overly complex or confusing. With some simple additions to your golf game, you can shave off strokes in no time!

The first and most important part of your golf training program is the addition of regular cardio a few times a week. An important aspect of golf is cardiovascular and mental conditioning, you need cardiovascular and mental endurance to play through the game from start to finish without seeing any slumps in your game. Going for a short 5+ mile run 3 or more days a week will be beneficial to your game.

Getting to the gym three times a week will be sufficient to see benefits in your power and flexibility. The most important thing to consider while training with weights is to take the time to stretch out before and after exercising. Stretching the whole body 30 minutes before and after working out with weights will help you from getting to stiff to golf and prevent you from experiencing delayed onset muscle soreness.  Keep your repetitions at around 12+ per set of exercise you perform, as this rep range will prevent you from bulking up.  Traditional exercises involving the major muscle groups will work fine, emphasize on the chest, shoulders, back and leg muscles, and not so much isolating the biceps and triceps. 

An important muscle group to consider when training to maximize your power and flexibility in golf is the core muscle group.  This would include the Abdominal group, the oblique group and the muscles of the hip and lower back.  Its from these muscles groups that you will initiate your swing and keep you stable throughout the swing and accelerate you through the ball.

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Investor Jim profile image

Investor Jim 7 years ago from Canada

Nice tips! I'm always looking to improve my golf game. A couple suggestions on your hubs though:

- I would change the keyword on your news feed to "golf" or at least "golf training", and for amazon I would defiantly just go with "golf"

- Also for my news feed I generally put it below my comments... no real reason, just personal preference

- Finally tags are your friend. Use the "suggested tags" feature and get around 10 up there.

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