Golf: Where Is Center

The Crooked Lies™ allows teachers and players to experience 100% of golf's

 When bending to the game of golf is one bowing to the teacher?   Haven’t you heard the ball say, “ If you stay quiet within I’ll travel truer without ?”

What direction is the grip end of the golf club pointing as one addresses the ball?  Is it not the belly?  Where is the “chi” energy?  Does the belly not move with the hands and the club?  What is the unifying force of any total swing but breath energy and the weapon of choice?

In golf, is it not so that the ball is quiet, and the terrain irregular, unlike most games where the playing field is flat and the ball in motion - soccer, tennis, baseball, and football being examples.

The design of a Wedge Course on “ Crooked Lies “ and the squircle golf mat is for good reason.  Twenty percent of the game
of golf is flat, and eighty percent is crooked!

Katas and the dojo lineup with golf practioners on flat surfaces, but the real experience is like life: known, unknown, and unknowable.  How can the ocean be separate from the wave?

Is it not so that the empi in karate is the enforcer of the other side?  If we do not know the “center” how  could we establish yin/yang forces that move freely?  Again, how can the ocean be separate from the wave ?

Some of us have unwavering faith in the traditional wisdom that proclaims, “ By mastering one, you may master all.”  like in yoga, one chooses one asana and practice until one has mastered it, arranging the rest of their disciplines simply to support this goal.

Therefore, practice the pitching wedge on crooked lies.  Know the terrain.  Know your center.  Follow the breath.  Find stability in both body and mind.

What of growing the game of golf?  As a antidote to profit maximizing business (PMB), socially responsible business (SB) can operate in the same market spaces competing with one another for market share on the new  Wedge Course.

One can fit a single golf club to a poor human being - generating a unity of self and community.

Please join in an effort of universal growth - find center, play golf, “be the ball”, and strike the wedge.


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