Golf: Who Gets What Ball? When? & Where Part One Of Two Parts

Golf:Who Gets what Ball? When? & Where? Part One of Two Parts

Question: Golf ball surveys - do they educate? Do they inform? How seriously do golfers take their practice? How do you keep your practice and play connected in the golf arena? Have you noticed golf’s separate facilities: the golf course and the golf range, which detach golf ball “feel” from a resourceful education?

Golf, unlike almost all sports does not share the same place to do both: practice and play! The experience is divided. Is this a bad thing? You could say that your clubs follow you to the course and golf range, but what of the golf ball?

Why not an appeal in favor of the practitioner’s understanding distance and spin in both arenas - the practice range and the golf course? How does weather affect a golf ball? At Transcendental Golf range we’ve used a three ball system for thirteen years, and golfers know that the cold weather choice is Srixon, not Titleist or Wilson because the softer feel is best in cold weather!

We are not saying that Wilson or Titleist do not have a softer feeling ball like Srixon, nor are we saying the weather is to remain cold in Wisconsin perpetually We are saying that the 80 compression ball - Srixon, leaves the golf shop counter in April and March just as regularly and frequently as the hybrid golf club has replaced the # 2 iron and # 3 iron in your golf bag.
“Why?” - because “ It works”!

Why do golf ball manufacturer’s have so many “offerings” of golf balls? Does one company offer many because another company does? Should marketing be motivated by a quantitative dimension of inquiry only? What’s the quality of the “offerings” of golf balls that could fit the consumer besides the aspect of “spin” and “distance?

Ever kick your car or truck tire in cold weather in Wisconsin? Try to do the same when it is 90 degrees - you’ll know compression variables! Why did we play the ladies ball at the Indio, California par three couse at night - at 40 degrees, and at 90 degrees during the day - the higher compression ball? “Why?” - because of temperature change.


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