Golf says Enough already

Jack Thomsen Golf Lesson Josh Sukowski 6 year old

Golf says: “Enough already! Money, money, money...."

" Why is the golf teaching market becoming less profitable in all markets throughout the world, especially in new growing markets in Asia?"

" The question posed causing this article to be written had many participants giving their views of their materialistic state. This was done on Linkedin. A Spiritual point of view may be needed because golf has much more to offer than materialism and at times we lose sight of it being so."

In 1960, when golf cars began making a noticeable entry onto the golf course - a ride signified convenience, 'a time saver', equally enjoyable was the perception of profit (the economics). Therefore, quantitative and qualitative energies fed variables in the diversified pastimes of golf.

“What about me ", asks golf? Soon mentoring programs that had existed between membership clientele and their 'caddies' had dwindled, and if materialism is your concern, ask any Tour Player how important ones caddy is as partnering a winning team in a golf tournament!

However, at the level of mentoring youth (boys and girls) at a young age in the wholesome environment of golf, the caddy grows to understand values inherent in the game of golf, an educational process whereby caddies witness, in a three and a half hour 'round of golf, through the human character, societal and cultural interplay. Combine this with a natural setting, isn't it so, the rewards of golf are extensive, far exceeding the material limitations we place on ourselves and the game?

A materialistic 'slap' - a wakeup call - is what we need to reign in the energy and rediscover the Spirit of golf. Those who protect the energy form of teaching and coaching may find a way of doing so in competition amongst them. Thereby, those taught, in a competitive mode, are the deciders (the student) Evolving from this a democratic process concludes with the worthy from the not so worthy as a form of selection of our peers, because of results.

What is the inclusive nature of 'results' achieved by a process of competition of valued teachers and coaches? Could it be that the arena of golf's diversification motivate golf's premise that goes beyond 'fun' and its superficial interjection when weak minds state ...."Have fun'! I'm reminded of a classic response given to an unsuspecting golf coach's ownership and interpretation of the collectives 'fun' on the golf range, by a junior golf clinic student. The student said, ”I’ll have 'fun' when I know why the golf ball travels where it does!"

Therefore, creativity and intelligent minds do exist in young and small bodies and knowing balance and position in the art form - golf may be more than a giggle. Attending to enthusiasm in the field of golf has a great range of growth. Materialism is a meager player in the larger role, but the Spirit needs room to enter. It will if given a chance!


Jack Thomsen, WPGA/PGA

Jack Thomsen WPGA 10-20-13


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