Golf - Support Our Troops

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Golf - Support Our Troops

We are in the early stages of the program: Golf - Support Our Troops. Our main objective is to get nationwide attention and support for golf activity, which is league or singular play on a short course for our Troops.

The service men and women in Iran & Afghanistan, during their stay in the base camp may enjoy golf during RNR We would like to set up a Wedge Course - complements of Jack Thomsen PGA Golf Professional (teacher). The course design is complete. The Wedge Course includes all necessary products needed in the short game."Clearing the Green" is a match play challenge. Please review click on Transcendental Golf. We ask that you promote our ideal to management & customers who wish to participate in our efforts by donating the necessary golf equipment we will need to send overseas. More information is forthcoming from other sponsors. We thank you for your Support

List of items:

1) Golf Club – Wedges

2) Golf Flags

3) Golf Balls & Stacker Trays

4) Golf Matts

5) Score Cards

Any Cash donation will be accepted for freight & packaging - only to Harris Bank, As we processed forward contact information will be updated. We'll list items and donations for viewers information.


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