Golf's Progession: Part One of Two

Practice Mirror

“It’s all systems”, said Carl

“What costume are you wearing today?”, asked Jack. It’s Halloween isn’t it?”

“ That’s correct, Jack. ...a chance to be whatever what you wish and get away with it!”, answered Carl.

“It would be a dull party if we all would dress-up like golf professionals, wouldn’t it Carl”, said Jack.

“ Duller yet, if those attending the party would gather in a tight progression: public course - private course - golf range proprietors, disciplined in a linear attitude ie., assembled at long tables, but their professionalism retaining a separation of public, private, range facility identity.”, said Carl.

“Good for Halloween!”, exclaimed Jack.

“Maybe that’s why there is a Halloween in the first place”, said Carl.

“ That’s right! Get some WD-40 on those working or none working parts and hearts! Could it be that Inclusiveness has the starter at the first tee maximizing all groups ( foursomes), and they are kept moving to satisfaction of the whole!”, said Jack.

“ There it is again! Golf is metaphorical to life in many ways”, said Carl.

“How do we fill in the gaps? What’s downstream, and what’s upstream? It’s said, “ Three pounds of wood for one pound of paper, or if you don’t use one pound of paper you’re saving three pounds of wood!”, said Jack.

“Is waste the issue, Jack?”, asked Carl.

“ Looks like it to me, Carl”, said Jack.

What’s going to happen to golf balls in 2010 when the scoring lines in iron club heads begin to change? , asked Jack

“ Is that a waste issue? Change brings progession. With scoring line change, and customer satisfaction the mover, what will the ball do to keep up?, asked Carl.

“ Well, Jack said, I think being upstream and downstream is an issue that is forth coming and a hidden solution may be available in the golf ball manufacturer’s arena.”

“ What do you mean?”, asked Carl.

“ I mean the disconnect for most players to appreciate what is going on in their practice and play could be solved by the “ ball hawks “ of today! Look, “feel” never follows one from the golf range to the golf course! Why? The ball.”, said Jack.

“ That’s right!” said Carl. “ The clubs travel the distance whether practice or play, but the ball doesn’t!”

“ When the ball’s durability is tested by groove variables in 2010 iron club head scoring lines, and prices moderate in practice and play, we may finally make the connection of “feel” in both places for all players.”, said Jack.

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oneputt profile image

oneputt 6 years ago from Phillipsburg, Ks.

Is not the change being made in groove design just an effort to make par a harder score to shoot? In the 45yrs. I have played the game, the squaring of grooves in the 80's to create more spin lowered scores significantly. With the club and ball 21st century advances, going back to V shape grooves will require a much more short game imagination effort. I think.

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