Golf's Progession: Part Two

Pyramid Stacker

“ When the ball’s durability is tested by groove variables in 2010 iron club head scoring lines, and prices moderate in practice and play, we may finally make the connection of “feel” in both places for all players.”, said Jack.

“ What’s the over-all good, whether upstream or downstream?  Its like the Phillappino fisherman who tossed a stick of dynamite into the water stunning the fish off a coral reef.  He’s paid at market for the fish, but what of the coral reef, and the future of fishing at that location?”, said Jack

“ Looks to me upstream wasn’t looking downstream, and “ ball hawks “ are in best position to recover upstream and downstream action!”, said Carl .

“That’s the way I see it too, Carl” said Jack.  “ All the materials to make ball after ball - ball after ball, and not even having the correct ball to connect practice and play.  The “ ball hawk “ can do it.  They have all balls the manufacturer makes!” , added Jack.

“ Not only is that so, but golf’s adaptability and self-correction in rules and design can again present itself as supportive to its inner workings leveling the playing field.”

Who doesn’t know that weather affects the playability of a golf ball?  Could it be that cold weather or hot weather, and in-between weather allow a dozen golf ball selection?

For example, three - four ball sleeves containing cold weather - hot weather, and inbetween weather-player compatibility!

 An environmental activity in golf is an example of sharing space correctly and completely.  One must know what’s happening upstream and downstream.

Don’t take from nature without repaying.  Natural resources are part of the game of golf’s habitat.  Respect for the golf game is a downstream and upstream mind-set.  Could it be that war’s roadside bombs should be for golf course design ie.,greenside and fairway bunkers, such as, in the mountains of Afghanistan?

Shaping the earth for happiness is golf’s way of testing man’s behavior, not so?  Let your weapons of choice be a ball and a club in the game of golf, and earth’s new paradigm of no war. 


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