Golf's Wedge Course & Obese Kids

Wedge Course

Wedge Shot hole #1
Wedge Shot hole #1

Golf's Wedge Course & Obese Kids

Will obese kids get a helping hand? Could it be that a short nine hole ( walkable ) Wedge Course for winded warriors, those of low spirited challenges, all in need of exercise, find refuge and more than one answer to their weight problem - stress, and limited choices in their everyday living?

An appeal had gone out on the Oprah Winfrey Show, January 26 & 27th 2009. We asked ourselves for solutions to a problem that our society is screaming to cure.. Spending time away from the couch and onto "Crooked Lies", ( a golf training aid ) and an intricate inclusive golf design. It captures the total game. This energetic move from inside ones habitat to outside, in natural surroundings,an environmental switch, which includes a primary golf shot once known as the Tucson Wedge may be a joyful experience,

Tucson Wedge is a curious name, and even more curious was the renaming of it! I was giving a short game golf lesson, and a new refreshing golfer asked, "Jack, Why is the shot called the Tucson Wedge? It's a strange name." I said, " I remember when I was playing in the Peter's Open - St Paul, Minnesota - South Hills C.C., and Tom Nielsen said, " Jack, you should have hit the Tucson Wedge on that one!? It was the seventeenth hole of a practice round of golf. The hole played from high to low. The low point of the hole became lowest near the green. The elevation of the green was highest and tiniest of targets. The flag stick was out of view. The elevation was severe.

" What the hell is that!? What's a Tucson Wedge?", asked Jack. Tom said, "Weaken your left hand placement, and use less wrists and use more turn." Where did you find this one? Somebody get in trouble in Tucson and figure it out!", said Jack

  Jack asked Shirley, " What do you want to call this short shot?" " The way the arms and body move - I think it should be the Elephant Shot. The arms remind me of an Elephant's trunk", Shirley said. " As huge as elephants are - they have beautiful rhythm. They are agile. You've seen them nibbling on peanuts with their enormous trunks have you not? And, the family behavior is loving and protective.". she added.

"That's good! I agree, but on one condition. We have to move the elephants eyes to a new location.", Jack said. " Why and where?",Shirley asked. " The right eye in the right shoulder - the left eye in the left shoulder. The left eye and the right eye must see the club at half swing position - both ways : backward and forward?, said Jack

Bill Strausbaugh, a golf professional from Michigan, had Peter Kessler, the host on the Golf Channel captivated when he said, " Peter, I can summarize my half hour show with you tonight easily " The dog wags the tail-the tail doesn't wag the dog".

Today, in Scottsdale, Arizona a Tour Pro marked his golf ball with "Smiley Face" as his personal ID. The announcers speculated - "Why"? So did I. I had hoped it was more than an attitude thng as a reminder to be that - - "Smiley" part of admiring and appreciating. 

Ben Hogan was his resilient gentlemanship self reflecting a master at work. His was a silent-stoic way that brought admiration to the art form "golf" and those involved.  I thought " Smiley Face " may be symbolic as well as a pleasant and personable disposition. I've used symbolism in graphic design. "Smiley Face is in my book - Golf: Find Center - Enter the circle. Chapter one highlights "Smiley Face" as an educational tool. Today's challenge: getting obese kids interested in golf via the wedge is as much making life's journey a happy and joyful one. It can be an educational and creative experience. The Wedge Course is played with one club - the pitching wedge. Sixty percent of the action on real golf courses is the wedge. New golfers that may be hesitant in entering the golf arena, but will find a support system is readily achieved with one club - not 14  

I have said to the inner city kids, " You don't hustle billiards down the street if you can't run the table in your own neighborhood!" As you learn the "feel" - - for some and eventually all golf's shots around the green, creativity grows, and enhances the other 13 clubs!

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Richard Martinez 7 years ago from Pleasant Prairie WI. 53158

Jack great job keep it up the good work,

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nancydodds1 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

Interesting article!

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