Classic Texas High School Mascots

Classic Texas High School Mascots

Given the size of Texas, and the ferocity of its sports fans, I feel compelled to offer in my defense a brief explantion for the chosen few. My criteria: (1) tiny schools only (for now), less than 200 students total, (2) near where I live, grew up or competed against, otherwise this hub would be 250,000 words, and (3) originality, if there are multiple schools with the same mascot, they are out. Sorry Bulldogs, Eagles, Tigers, Wildcats...YAWN!

Also, please feel free to submit other cool mascots in your comments below, some are just priceless.

Here goes:



The Itasca Wampus Cats. I don't know what a Wampus Cat is, but it sounds ferocious. I would certainly keep my cat, Alfie, away from any Wampus Cats...I'd probably keep my dog, Oliver, away from any Wampus Cats too. Wampus Cats. It just sounds cool.

The Wampus Cats are apparently deserving of their own Wikipedia page.



The Rotan Yellowhammers. Apparently, a Yellowhammer is some form of bird. Ornithologists please let me know. The school colors are not yellow, though; orange and white, actually...close enough. The uniqueness alone is cool enough to make this list.



The Jayton Jaybirds. Birds abound, but as a criminal defense lawyer, I couldn't pass up the resemblance to many of my clientele (jail birds). Perhaps the smallest school on the list, but one of the coolest mascots.



Yes, you guessed it, of Hamlin (the real town's spelling, not a misspelling). The Hamlin Pied Pipers. Probably not the most ferocious mascot on this list, but literary references always deserve bonus points (education being the point of it all, is it not?). So, literary reference = cool mascot, spelling notwithstanding.



The Mason Punchers. Are they boxers(?), party drink consumers (?), who knows? But most definitely a cool mascot.

Fortunately, the women are not the Punchers, they are the Cowgirls.



The Winters Blizzards. Yes, Blizzards in Texas. Winters, Texas to be exact. And with the fight song Winter Wonderland (no joke) playing in the background of an August opening season game, with game time temperatures approaching 101 degrees, it's hard not to sit back in wonder.



The Frost Polar Bears. In keeping with the wintery Texas theme. Naturally.

Frost? Polar Bears? Winters? Blizzards? (...) These are Texas mascots?



The San Saba Armadillos. Quite frankly I'm surprised that there is only one school in Texas with the mascot Armadillos. Can you think of a more Texas-ish icon (other than the longhorn, of course)? Had there been one other school in Texas with the mascot Armadillos I couldn't in good conscience put it on the list. But in a state the size of Texas, how can there not be any other Armadillos? In Texas we have eight schools that are the Brahmas, but only one Armadillos, come on people.



The Munday Moguls. A tribute to my lovely wife's alma mater (she was a proud Mogulette), and the 2007 Class A football Texas state champions. Congrats Moguls!. The Moguls could have fit in the winter section of this list, but I am assured that the Moguls are not ski slopes, rather a type of Mongolian warrior.



The Roscoe Plowboys. A tribute to my alma mater, and a darn cool mascot for the farming (obviously) community of Roscoe, Texas, political correctness aside (the women being the Plowgirls). I have found no other Plowboys anywhere. If you exist, please let me know.

My apologies to you Rockcrushers, Sand Crabs, Skeeters, Exporters (are you kidding me?), Roughnecks and other great mascots, maybe another time.

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christinekv profile image

christinekv 9 years ago from Washington

I like Wampus Cats, Yellowhammers, and Plowboys the best....Fun topic. I haven't been to the state of Texas yet but it's on my list of things to do/places to visit!

Peter M. Lopez profile image

Peter M. Lopez 9 years ago from Sweetwater, TX Author

I like Plowboys the best, too, as I once was one. Still am I suppose. Thanks christinekv. I hope you enjoy your visit, when you make it.

cb 7 years ago

I am a Cameron Yoeman.

Flu-Bird 7 years ago

YELLOWHAMMER is just another name for the YELLOW SHAFTED FLICKER a type of woodpecker

Indytex 7 years ago

Mason Punchers is a shortened version of the official name Cowpuncers.

BTW, My all time favorite Texas High School Nickname is Cumby Trojans.

Mike 6 years ago

You left out the Grandview other Zebras in Texas...

Elaine Fletcher 6 years ago

I knew about the WAMPUS CATS since I have an Uncle who was a coach there when his kids were little and I mean y'all need to keep looking because you forgot about the Lewisville Farmers.

Shelby 6 years ago

Port Aransas Marlins

John Suttle 6 years ago

Have you ever heard of the book Mascot Mania: Spirit of Texas high Schools?

It was put out by the Texas Review Press at Sam Houston State. Pretty fun book and conversation piece. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in the topic. Contact the T.R. Press, I'm sure they still have it in stock.

Alex 6 years ago

Port Isabel Tarpons

rickyboy 6 years ago

don't forget the trent gorillas!

jwb 6 years ago

Hutto Hippos

jwb 6 years ago

New Braunfels Unicorns - otherwise known as the Eunuchs

birgitte 5 years ago

i went to a highschool in texas in 1970's and they had just become a 5 a school and their team mascott was the eagles. for the love of god and money can not recall the name of the school. am an airforce brat, it was one of the few places we stayed for 5 years at. please if anyone knows what school im talking about help an old lady out. eamil me on facebook my name is please i want to look up my old school mates and cant rember the name of the school thanks.

mustangfever 5 years ago

Hey rickyboy, didn't sands 45 y'all in the fall of 2010

two scoops 5 years ago

Hey Peter, Great Site! The Pied Piper is pretty evil.

It may be the most ferocious on the list. Hamlin was the name of the town in Germany where the Pied Piper led away the children.

bigmike 5 years ago

What about the Progresso Fire Ants

sky-sky 4 years ago

more LONGHORNS plz

Jason Matthews profile image

Jason Matthews 3 years ago from North Carolina

Nice Hub!

Tonya 3 years ago

Does anyone know what the mascot was for Burkett High school in TX?

Birgitte you probably went to Abilene high.

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