Basic Home Gym Machines:Smith Machine Vs Squat Rack

Smith Machine Vs squat rack

"Would have to have the smith machine or squat rack!" Naturally, the gleaning opinion of almost everyone you ask, a good basic home gym machine to start off home exercise?, will be a "smith machine" or "squat rack". But even with options narrowed to a twin, some beginners will still find it difficult settling for one. Have no fear my fickle fellows i bring help.

First we must try as hard as possible to describe these home gym machines;
The Smith Machine consists of a barbell that is fixed within steel rails, allowing only vertical movement, while the squat rack or power rack, as it is also called; allow for a safe free-weight workout using a barbell without the movement restrictions imposed by equipment such as the Smith machine.

Squat rack
Squat rack

Since we are considering it from a beginners point of view, a particular benefit of the smith machine over the squat rack is worth looking into, behind each vertical post (runner) is a series of slots on which the barbell can be hooked. This means that unlike an ordinary barbell, the Smith machine need not be re-racked after a set of repetitions: it can be secured at any point. This makes it safer for beginners as well as professionals training without a spotter.
Again, because it cannot fall forwards, backwards or sideways, a Smith machine is considered safer to use than an ordinary barbell. Since the weight does not need to be stabilized, this can allow unstable lifters to lift more weight.

Smith machine
Smith machine

Enough with the smith, to weight trainers the smith machine maybe safer but the squat rack is more versatile. professional study found that lifters of free weight(squat rack) were able to lift greater amounts on free weights than they were on a Smith machine. For those who are concerned with achieving perfect form, it can be difficult or impossible to accomplish using a Smith Machine, the natural movements resulting from fixed barbells results in strains on the body, neck and back.

So for me the squat rack wins the day! Lets have a hey! for the rack. If you think differently lets have your comments below. And after that, if you care for a good read download this free ebook on home gym equipment. from fitnesslogs a leading informer on fitness.

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