Fantasy Football Guide to the 2012-2013 NFL Season

Guide to Proper Drafting

The 2012 NFL Season is around the corner and here are some tips on drafting the best available players.

We all know that there are can't miss players coming up in the 2012 season. Here are a list of durable players to pick up in the first round that are sure picks.

  1. Aaron Rodgers (We all know that he will be throwing the ball most of the time and this means more fantasy points).
  2. Calvin Johnson (This man is unstoppable, despite being on the Madden cover he is a guaranteed top 10 pick in the upcoming fantasy draft).
  3. Ray Rice (He has been a fantasy beast for the past few seasons and look for him to keep getting the ball).
  4. Tom Brady (Tom will be Tom and look for him to keep throwing and accumulating big fantasy numbers week to week).
  5. Adrian Peterson (I didn't put him higher because of his injury, but I am sure that he is healing properly and will be back better then ever to continue to dominate for the Vikings in there running game).

Other notable players: Maurice Jones Drew, Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Arian Foster, LeSean McCoy and Larry Fitzgerald.

Players who are injury prone can really mess up your fantasy draft especially when they are a high pick. Here are some players to stay away from when drafting this season.

  1. Darren McFadden (I hope I am wrong because he is one of the most talented runners in the game but for some reason cannot stay healthy).
  2. Peyton Manning (I am not sure how he is going to handle a big hit but he is a high risk high reward player).
  3. Beanie Wells (He is a solid pick when he is healthy, but lets hope he can stay healthy).
  4. Kenny Britt (He cannot seem to stay healthy after injuring his knee a second time, so he is another high risk high reward player).
  5. Michael Vick (He cannot seem to play a full season so be prepared to have a back-up QB when drafting Vick)

Tips For Your Draft Order

How to be the Fantasy Man

You are a man. You are proud. You are strong. McDonalds or Burger King? You don’t care. You get a Big Mac and a Whopper, put ‘em together, and ask for seconds – that’s how manly you are. You deftly maneuver from using golf towels to wipe down your clubs on Saturday afternoon to getting your newborn to spit up all over those burp cloths at night, and you do it like Chuck Norris would do it if he were genetically combined with Marlon Brando.

While your manhood may make Tim Allen from Home Improvement look like Minnie Driver in Good Will Hunting, you feel lacking in one embarrassing area. Constant failure to perform when the time comes has bogged you down into a shell of your former manly self. Now the crying your wife hears on the baby monitor sounds a little deeper, and it’s coming from you. At the golf course on Saturday, it’s the ladies’ tees for you. Your wife can’t stand the amount of time you spend trying to make something happen, and you are constantly mocked amongst friends.

Your embarrassing little problem? You have no idea how to run a Fantasy Football Team. Your draft is coming up, and yet again you have Steve McNair and Jerry Rice on your “must-have” list. Man up, dude. Here’s some tips on how to win this year:

1. DRAFT A RUNNING BACK FIRST. I’m aware that quarterbacks are the ones who get all the glory, the girls and the MVPs. The fact is, as Tom Brady put it upon winning his league MVP last year, “the MVP is a quarterback’s award”. Look at the last 10 years: all quarterbacks and Ladanian Tomlinson (don’t draft him). Most offenses will be balanced in a dome or in great weather, but when wind, rain and snow are a factor, your running backs will be the ones getting all the touches. Draft a running back like Ray Rice, Chris Johnson or LeGarrette Blount. These guys are almost classical running backs, in that offenses are more based on their involvement than most other teams. If you can steal a player like BenJarvus Green-Ellis, a “punch-it-in” TD scorer, you’ll be reeling in points as well. The only exceptions to this rule are Drew Brees and Tom Brady. Brees throws the ball about 587 times a game and Tom Brady is a god on the field.

2. DRAFT A KICKER LAST. Man, this should seem like an obvious choice, but you’d be surprised how many players eschew a late-round rookie with potential for a breakout season for a “reliable” kicker. Most leagues have between 10-16 teams, and most teams only have 1 kicker. Quite frankly, most kickers are the same, and it’s hard to know until halfway through the season which teams can’t punch it in in the red zone and are reliant on their kickers. The most field goals by a kicker in a game? 7, by Rob Bironas a few years ago. Guess what? That’s still only 21 points. And if you draft a kicker before you draft a Defense/Special Teams, kiss your season goodbye.

3. DRAFT A GREAT TIGHT END. Aaron Hernandez, Antonio Gates, Jason Witten, and Rob Gronkowski and only a handful of other tight ends put up wide receiver-like numbers. WRs are a dime a dozen in the first four rounds, and Miles Austin was available on every mid-season waiver wire two years ago. You’ll find the WRs who will produce every week, but there’s nothing like the security blankets of a great tight end or two to boost your team into the fantasy football stratosphere.

Now get out there, man up, and get drafting!



2012 Sleeper Pick #1

Isaac Redman - RB:

With Rashard Mendenhall tearing his ACL he is considered a non-factor in the upcoming season due to his torn ACL and with the Steelers severely stunted in what they can do in free agency thanks to topping out the salary cap, Redman is the odds-on favorite to be their starting tailback in 2012. He showed that he could be up to the task by slashing for 121 yards and a TD against the Denver Broncos in the playoffs.

2012 Sleeper Pick #2

Eric Decker - WR

For those looking for a great WR that you can pick up in the later rounds then Eric Decker is your man. This guy will targeted a lot and is one of Peyton Mannings favorite wide receivers. He's sure handed and doesn't drop many balls. So look to pick him up in the draft.

2012 Sleeper Pick #3

Robert Griffin III - QB

Robert Griffin has all the talent in the world and is sure to put up big fantasy numbers this season. He looked great during the pre-season. He's going late in fantasy drafts and if you want a solid QB who can give you tons of points look no further then RG3.

2011 Sleeper Pick #1

Eric Decker - WR:

Christopher Harris of recently mentioned decker as one of his sleeper picks (i.e. guys who offer high value with late round picks) and Decker was mentioned as one of them. Here are Harris's thoughts on Decker:

Decker suffered a Lisfranc (foot) fracture his senior year at the University of Minnesota, or he might've been as high as a first-round pick in the 2010 draft. As it was, Decker lasted until the third round and was essentially "redshirted" his rookie season. Now healthy, the 6-3, 220-pounder appears to be a natural flanker, a possession receiver who doesn't have great deep speed but can really jump and has superb hands. Decker also aced the Wonderlic a couple of years back, generating an image as a heady player and a coach's favorite. Brandon Lloyd comes first in Denver's offense, but Decker looks like a strong bet to play in three-receiver sets, with Eddie Royal running out of the slot.

Personally I've been a fan of Decker since his college days after seeing him make an amazing, and gritty TD catch against the California Golden Bears. On this play (watch the video below) Decker takes a massive shot from Cal safety Sean Cattouse, and actually ends up dislocating his jaw, but hanging on to the catch!

2011 Sleeper Pick #2

LeGarrette Blount – RB:

Kyle Ayers, a contributing writer for CBS Local, tabbed former Oregon Duck LeGarrette Blount as one of his top 5 sleeper picks. Here are Aker's thoughts on Blount:

If you don’t pick Blount he might punch you in the face. Though that (probably) won’t happen for real, Blount put up impressive stats once he became the full starter in Week 11. From Weeks 11-17 he was third in the league in rushing, and first in yards after contact. Plus he’s the only good back the Bucs have got.

Aker's reference to Blount "punching you in the face" of course comes from the infamous aftermath the 2009 upset of Oregon by Boise St. During that incident, Blount punched Byron Hout with a right cross (watch the video below) and was ultimately suspended for most of the season.

Isaac "REDZONE" Redman

Top 5 Defenses of the 2013 Season

Here is my ranking of the top 5 defenses in to 2012 - 2013 season.

1. San Francisco 49ers

Do they need an explanation? They had the best Defense last season and well they still have that same defense. The 49ers have a great defense and are solid all around.

2. Chicago Bears

The bears have a solid D all around and with Brian Urlacher as your MLB and Julius Peppers as the defensive end the bears should be in good hands all season. They are playing in a hard division with the packers and lions so be careful choosing them.

3. Houston Texans

I believe they have a weak division and should be able to score big points all season. Did I mention that they also have JJ Watt, Brian Cushing, and Jonathan Joseph helping out.

4. Baltimore Ravens

I know they're getting older and they don't have Terrel Suggs but this team is well coached and can make plays. Ed Reed is still the best Free Safety in the game and they are well disciplined.

5. New England Patriots

The Patriots defense didn't have a good showing last year and ranked 31st overall. However they were ranked third in takeaways and with all those high draft picks they used on defensive players, I can guarantee that Bill Belichick won't have them be ranked 31st again.

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