How To Build/Install An Indoor Golf Simulator

Bogolf Simulator Booth Setup
Bogolf Simulator Booth Setup | Source

Installing an indoor golf simulator can be a tedious task without adequate knowledge. Although setting up a golf simulator might look difficult but with proper knowledge it can be a breeze to set up one. The installation may vary a little for different manufacturers but the basics would be same. Do note that this guide is meant for simulators based on camera technology, however can also be followed for infrared except the camera and light box installation.

Booth Dimension for Bogolf Simulators
Booth Dimension for Bogolf Simulators

Basic Space Requirements

Before purchasing a golf simulator you should always look for the space requirements as this is the most crucial part. You don't want to end up purchasing a golf simulator and finding that you do not have enough space of it. The simulator which I am referring to needs a room with 4.5m, 3m and 7m width,height and depth of the room respectively. Anything less than that and you wont be able to fully enjoy the real golfing experience. Most of the simulators require the room with approximately the same dimensions mentioned here, but still you need to make sure by referring to the golf simulator manual.

The mention dimension is the minimum however, if you need a bigger and wider screen then obviously you need to have a bigger space than what is mentioned here. If you have a room with almost same dimension then you do not need to create a booth as the room itself will act as a booth.

Simulator Booth Installation

You will have to create a solid cage like structure as per the dimensions mentioned above to support the simulator screen and other accessories such as projectors camera etc. Most people use steel and iron pipes to create the cage as it can be easily assembled and disassembled in case you plan to move your simulator to another location. Also these are strong enough to hold the screen and projectors. The below image shows how a booth can be setup using these metal rods. This image will give you an idea about the cage setup and can be tweaked according to your requirements.

Golf Simulator Cage
Golf Simulator Cage

Installing The Projection Screen

Once you are done with setting up the cage, you will have to cover the sides and top using net to protect the ball from going out of the booth while playing. While the front side of the cage will be covered by the projector screen, the other side in most cases is open for the players to walk in and out of the booth.

The next major task is installing the projection screen. You can find many different projection screens in the market. But I would highly recommend going for a good quality and strong screen as the screen is not just for projection but also act as an impact screen. If it is not strong and flexible, it will easily tear by the impact of golf shots. You need to clamp the screen across all the four rods of the cage to give it enough strength so it can resist the impact from the high speed golf balls.

View Of A Golf Simulator Screen.
View Of A Golf Simulator Screen.

Final Setup

The major tedious task of setting up has been covered and we are only left with the installation of projector, light boxes,cameras and the computer.

Light boxes should be installed exactly above the hitting zone on the ceiling so that the area has enough light for the camera to detect the motion. Installing the high speed cameras should only be done by the professionals with the simulator software knowledge as it needs to be aligned properly for the golf simulator to perform accurately. These are mostly placed near the light boxes on the ceiling.

The projector is also placed on the ceiling depending on the throw ratio, ideally behind the hitting zone and the projection is adjusted accordingly so that it covers the whole screen.

Light Boxes And Booth Skeleton

Light Box
Light Box
Light Box - Mounted On Ceiling
Light Box - Mounted On Ceiling
The Simulator Cage
The Simulator Cage

Various Bogolf Golf Simulator Installations

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Hope that all the readers enjoyed this hub. I will wait for any comments and feedback.

PS:The images used for this hub to refer golf simulator are from Bogolf Golf Simulators.


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