How To Preserve Fish - Steps To Freezing A Fish

Preserved Frozen Fish

Freezing Fish: By Ben Sutherland
Freezing Fish: By Ben Sutherland

Methods To Perserve A Fish

How To Preserve Fish

How to preserve fish is not a difficult task if you follow a few simple steps. It must be done properly to ensure that all harmful bacteria, spores, along with anything that could be harmful are safely removed or prevented prior to preserving fish. There are multiple different ways, and procedures on how to preserve fish. Some different methods of preserving fish are freezing, canning, pickling, and smoking.

Listed below you will find the most common among every day households on how to preserve fish.

Steps To Preserving Fish By Freezing


  1. Remove all the guts, and clean the fish as soon as possible after catching.

  2. You can now prepare the fish as though you was about to eat them. Cut large fish into strips, and freeze small fish whole.

  3. To preserve fish you first want to make sure to wrap them in a manor that is airtight, and will prevent freezer burn. This will also aid in reducing the changes of unwanted flavors, as bacteria among other factors could cause flavors that are not natural to the fish.

  4. Make sure your freezer temperature is at or below zero degrees Fahrenheit. This will ensure that the preserving process is not disturbed by a lapse in temperature.

  5. Date the fish as you freeze them so you know when they will no longer be safe to eat.

Summary To Preserving Fish

There are different storage life spans of fish even if preserved, and frozen. Northern pike, smelt, and lake trout are good for anywhere from four to six months. Bass, Sunfish, Bluegills, and crappies will be good for seven to nine months. Yellow perch, and Walleyes are good for at least nine months, however remember to always use your better judgment.

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i love to eat fish?its gives iron?love it?

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