How To Score A Baseball Game

In order to know how to keep score in a baseball game you need to know the defensive positions, abbreviations and number. The baseball scorekeeper uses the abbreviations and numbers for putting in the lineup and scoring the baseball game.

The defensive numbers, position and abbreviation are as follows:

  1. Pitcher (P)
  2. Catcher (C)
  3. First Baseman (1B)
  4. Second Baseman (2B)
  5. Third Baseman (3B)
  6. Short Stop (SS)
  7. Left Fielder (LF)
  8. Center Fielder (CF)
  9. Right Fielder (RF)
  10. Short Center Fielder (SC)

There is plenty more you will need to to know to score a baseball game. In order to get started you need to match the defensive players and where they are positioned on the baseball diamond. The illustration below completes the picture.


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