How To Score Baseball: The Balk

Baseball Scoring: The Balk

A Balk is committed by a pitcher for any illegal motions during the delivery of the ball to home plate. Any one the umpires can make the call. In Little League and other youth baseball the balk is not often called. But the rule is enforced as the age groups go up. Here's an example of scoring a Balk in abaseball scorebook.

The situation

  1. There is a runner on first base and no one out. The pitcher balks and the runner on first gets awarded second base.
  2. In the illustration "Odom" was up with a 1 ball 0 strike count when the balk occurred.
  3. Smith was awarded second base due to the Balk. This is indicated by the letters "BK" entered between 1st and 2nd base on the Smith's at-bat.
  4. Score the advance from first base to second due to a Balk
  5. A line is drawn from first base to second base to reflect the advancing of one base.
  6. The letters "BK" are entered in the base runner's cell, between first and second base.
  7. Nothing is recorded in the batter's cell
  8. If a base runner scores due to a Balk the batter is not credited with a RBI. * If multiple men are on base, each base runner's cell is updated accordingly.
  9. If there are no runners on base and the batter has less than three (3) balls in the count, the batter is awarded an additional BALL. If the batter has three balls and a Balk is called, the batter is awarded first base and recorded as a BASE ON BALLS (BB).

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B4UPLAYBALL profile image

B4UPLAYBALL 4 years ago from NYC - USA Author

Let's say there are 2 outs, no runners on base and the pitcher has a 3-0 count on the batter. Now let's assume he's pitching from the windup. If he starts his windup,and then stops and starts again - it is a balk. The umpire awards the batter a ball. In this case it results in ball 4 and the batter is awarded first base.

bil wexted 4 years ago

Please explain how a balk can be committed with no runners on base. Ref Rule ???

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