How do I become a Pro Wrestler? A Guide.

Pro wrestling is no joke! It can seriously hurt, just ask this guy who got booted in the face!
Pro wrestling is no joke! It can seriously hurt, just ask this guy who got booted in the face!

Have you ever sat watching WWE or TNA on TV and thought, "I'd love to give that a try!" but not had a clue where to start? Maybe you've messed about in your garden with your mates and want to give it a go for real? A lot of the pages on the subject out there are very basic, and some are just plain wrong! Hopefully this will bring some insight into exactly how you go about becoming a professional wrestler and what it takes to begin a career in the squared circle.

How to choose the right wrestling school for you

First off you need to find a wrestling promotion in your local area that offers training. In some places these are few and far between and you may well have to just pick the closest for convenience. However some people (we call these the lucky ones) may have two or more wrestling schools on their doorstep. Either way this is where research comes in. If you live in the UK or Ireland some of my other hubs have extensive lists of British wrestling schools (see right).

Take a look through your chosen promotion's website (or websites if you are considering more than one), do a little research on the training school's Head Trainer or even head along to a show a gauge how good the training and or head trainer is from there. Also I would recommend not joining a school that has a sign-up fee to undertake your first session. Not everyone who decides they want to be a wrestler is cut out for it, many leave after one or two lessons, and you'll feel a chump if you've shelled out money to become a member only to decide its not for you!

Only once you are completely satisfied should you take the next step and get in contact with the wrestling promotion regarding training. You should always contact a training school first and not just turn up on the day of a session, its just good manners and wrestlers respect good manners. The promoter will then let you know if there are any specific things you should bring with you/leave at home and things like session cost, training times, insurance, etc. Now you are almost ready to attend your first training session.

What to wear and take with you

As mentioned above you will most probably be told what to wear to your first session by the person you spoke to at the school, however here is my recommendations:

Brute Men's ToughTex Lycra Brief ( sz. L, Black )
Brute Men's ToughTex Lycra Brief ( sz. L, Black )

Classic solid colour wrestling trunks, various sizes and colours available.

ASICS Solid High Cut Wrestling Singlet - SIZE: XXX-Small, COLOR: Navy
ASICS Solid High Cut Wrestling Singlet - SIZE: XXX-Small, COLOR: Navy

Classic solid colour wrestling singlets, various sizes and colours available.

  • Clothing - You don't need to worry about buying wrestling gear before your first session. Comfortable, but not too loose fitting clothing like tracksuit bottoms or shorts and a T shirt or vest are ideal, just make sure the bottoms have a drawstring waist so they can't pull up/fall down too far. Also a change of clothes for after the session is generally a good idea. Once you have been going regularly for a month or so and know you want to continue further with your training it might be worth investing in a cheap pair of wrestling tights or a cheap wrestling singlet off eBay so you can get used to wearing them. It also aids with learning certain moves as tight lycra responds differently to being grabbed & pulled than cotton does.

Asics Men's Fuerte (White/Black 7.0 D)
Asics Men's Fuerte (White/Black 7.0 D)

These basic boots are a good quality pair to train in

  • Footwear - For footwear a pair of clean bottomed trainers should be fine. However if you need to buy a new pair anyway it may well be worth searching google or looking on eBay for a cheap pair of wrestling shoes or wrestling boots or even boxing boots. When I started out I managed to bag myself a pair of size 12 (so hard to find shoes my size!) wrestling shoes with ankle support for £15 including shipping!

SSG Volleyball Knee Pads Color: Black
SSG Volleyball Knee Pads Color: Black

These volleyball pads are a bargain if your local sports shops don't stock any knee pads.

  • Elbow and Knee Pads - Knee pads I consider an essential piece of kit personally, especially if you are just starting out. Don't worry about buying top-of-the-range pads straight away, perfectly serviceable knee pads are available from most good sporting goods shops for less than £10. Elbow pads are not as essential but I would recommend investing in a couple of cheap pound shop elbow supports. These will protect your elbows from any grazes & mat burns you may cause while training.

  • Water - This is the biggest mistake I have seen people make. You need to take plenty of water and possibly an isotonic sports drink as well. You WILL sweat bucket loads training to be a wrestler and if you don't stay hydrated it can be very dangerous. No-one wants you to pass out while you have them suspended above the mat!
  • A Towel - This goes along with the water really. You will want this to wipe the sweat away, not only for your personal comfort, but for the comfort of those working closely with you.
  • Money to pay for the session - You'd be surprised how many people forget this!

On your arrival and general treatment

Every promotion has a different way of doing things when the sign up new members. This can vary from being introduced to everybody and going straight into the session to filling out paperwork and questionnaires for most of your first session so I wont go into that here.

What I will go into is the way you should expect to be treated by the Head Trainer and other students once you join the session. Usually you will be greeted with a handshake and a warm hello, questions about whether you've had any training or experience before (mention any martial arts or amateur wrestling training but not backyard wrestling, see below) and quite often who do you like wrestler wise (your influences if you like). Once in the session don't feel like someone is being overcritical if they say you've done something wrong and give you advice. Everyone there wants to see you succeed and get it right, so try to take it on board. This can be hard after the 10th or 20th botched attempt at a move so always try to keep your cool, if you respect everyone around you they will in turn respect you.

This goes hand in hand with another subject, bullies and bad training. There are some bad trainers out there; some who get their kicks causing discomfort and pain to trainees, some who just plain are not ready to training other people and some who are just, for whatever reason, bad teachers.

  • Bullies - Bully trainers are, thankfully these days, few and far between but if at any time you feel seriously threatened my advice is to take it up with someone at the promotion in the first instance (assuming person you are complaining about isn't also the promoter) and if nothing is done find a new place to train. If you encounter any bullying from any other trainees you should report it to the Head Trainer or someone else in charge.
  • Bad Training - If you feel that the training you're receiving isn't up to standard as a trainee all you can really do on this is vote with your feet and leave politely, making sure you let the person in charge know why you are leaving. If several people do this over time the message will get through that the trainer isn't very good and things will probably change when the training money isn't rolling in!

Backyard wrestling is pretty much frowned upon by pro wrestlers and pro wrestling trainers, so steer clear if you want to be taken seriously
Backyard wrestling is pretty much frowned upon by pro wrestlers and pro wrestling trainers, so steer clear if you want to be taken seriously

A note about Backyard Wrestling

I feel I should mention this as most if not all pro wrestling trainers seriously frown upon backyard wrestling. If you have wrestled with your friends in your back garden/in the park/on your trampoline and even if you think you're pretty good you shouldn't bother mentioning it. No-one will be impressed on your first day if you tell them you did a moonsault off your shed through ply board onto a mattress!

Be humble, go through your training as you should. If you are good and do know what you are doing you will progress through your training quicker. On the flip side of the coin if you have taught yourself bad techniques it may take longer as it is harder to 'unlearn' one way and relearn another. Either way, your trainer WILL spot that you were a backyarder and will not be happy they hear if you are continuing to backyard while receiving pro wrestling training.

Wrestling Training

The one thing you must realise about training to become a pro wrestler before you begin is that training to become a wrestler HURTS. Once you have been doing it for 6 months week in week out it becomes part and parcel of the whole thing, your tolerance goes up and it drops to the back of your mind. But those first few weeks of training be prepared to feel pain. And ache for 3 days after every session.

Another thing to remember is that every training school has different facilities. Some have a ring set up permanently, others mainly train on mats. Some have weights and gym equipment, others just have an empty hall. Don't worry too much about the facilities when you are starting out; although it is nice to be in a place with lots of stuff for your first few months your training will be pretty much the same either way.

  • The first thing that should happen at any training session is a 15 - 30 minute cardio warm-up and muscle stretching session. This is absolutely vital to loosen your muscles ready for the numerous impacts they are about to endure.
  • Most if not all of your first training session will be spent learning how to break-fall or 'bump' correctly. This is where you land spreading your weight across the parts of the body that can take impact and minimising the impact on the sensitive areas (lower spine on your back, face & balls on the front). Don't get me wrong though, it still hurts! And it takes a long time to learn how to get it perfect every single time.

Just some of the things you will get up to while at training. Picture credits: AAW
Just some of the things you will get up to while at training. Picture credits: AAW
  • Once you have mastered your back, front and side bumps to the point where you are no longer a danger to yourself you will begin learning how to give and take simple moves, usually on a crash mat to begin with. This is often done in a rota where you take the move, deliver the move and go to the back of the queue. You will also begin your training in chain wrestling and submission moves. After mastering a few moves you will most probably be introduced to flip bumping. Once you have mastered this you are ready to take your training to the next level and learn more advanced moves.
  • You will also learn how come up with and deliver promos, develop your character, work on selling (the art of making a move look more devastating than it really is) and learn the psychology of putting together a wrestling match. Your trainer will also give you advice or fitness training and conditioning and will be able to offer you advice on gimmicks, wrestling gear and probably places to purchase gear if you ask.

One thing that many people ask is 'How long will it be from when I start training to when I have my first real match?'. The answer is, unfortunately, it varies from person to person. Some people take to it very quickly, some people struggle with the physical aspects, some struggle with technique and some are just not cut out for it at all. It also varies from promotion to promotion. Some won't let you near an audience for at least a year, others may be willing to take a chance on a hot prospect after a short six months of training.

If it does turn out you aren't suited to being a wrestler one thing to always remember is that there is always a place in wrestling for someone who can bump, so even if you cant get to grips with it all you may have a future as a manager, a referee, an announcer or even an authority figure!

Some poor trainee in a mask taking a beating during a rumble!
Some poor trainee in a mask taking a beating during a rumble!

Your eventual Wrestling Debut

Eventually you will be told that you are ready and booked on your first show. For their first match trainees will usually be put in one of two match types:

  • Up against an experienced veteran so that they can be guided or 'carried' through the match. The veteran will get the win, but they will make every effort to make the trainee look good. Sometimes the trainee will work this match wearing a wrestling mask so as to not damage his real debut later on down the line.
  • A rumble. Rumbles are a good way to debut trainees as they don't require too many moves to be performed and it gives a booker a chance to see how they carry themselves in front of the crowd whilst having some seasoned pros in the ring to hold it all together. Once again some trainees wear wrestling masks for this kind of match.

However some training schools have 'Academy' shows where they use their top level of trainees who are ready but there is no space on the main roster to put on a cut price show, giving them the chance to perform for a crowd who are not expecting miracles. Others have a couple of 'dark matches' before their main show while the crowd arrive. Its done a little bit differently everywhere but one thing you can be sure of, you shouldn't be put out there before you are ready and if you have been expect to be back down to trainee level for a few months before you get another shot at glory.

Wrestling training never ends

One thing that a lot of people don't realise is that wrestling training doesn't stop once you make your debut, training is a continuous and endless process. Training should be kept up as much as possible and for a professional wrestler every match is a learning experience. Be it working with a seasoned pro whilst still still 'green' or learning how better to carry a rookie once you are veteran wrestler yourself, there is always an opportunity to learn a new skill or technique.

A lot of the bigger names (that aren't under contract with the WWE) do regular tours and will often work training seminars into their schedules, and even your head trainer will often pick up a new technique for training a specific move or a new trick to teach future trainees. Your wrestling career from beginning to end is one big learning curve and that is one thing you should never forget.

Do it for the love...

On a slightly down note, the financial side of pro wrestling should be mentioned.

Professional wrestling is not something you should ever expect to make any serious money from. There are very few full-time professional wrestlers in the UK, most wrestlers have to have a day job that pays the bills. You will possibley spend as much money on your training, gear, insurance, etc as you earn during your career. Pro wrestling, unless you reach the highest levels (and by highest levels I mean a main player in the WWE), pays very little.

Wrestling is something you train to do because you love doing it, not something to make money from!


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So there you have it, a pretty comprehensive guide on how to become a professional wrestler, I hope this helps any prospective wrestlers out there on their way to fulfilling their dreams.If you feel I have missed something out or want to ask any questions feel free to use the comments box below.

Who knows, one day you might be sat in your lockeroom at Wrestlemania thinking back to when you read this hub and decided to give it a go! But always remember, treat every match as if it is your Wrestlemania, always love what you are doing, train hard and it will all be worthwhile no matter what level you reach.

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Enis 7 years ago

Some of the advice regarding what to bring is useful but should be commonsense. I find a lot it of totally inaccurate, at best subject to opinion. 12 months before a match? I promise you that your trainer is taking you for a financial ride if you haven't performed in front of a crowd in 12 months. If you cant work or draw heat, sell or connect with the crowd, all of which you have to do as a wrestler, you will never get anywhere. If you dont experience the live crowd you will learn basically nothing. UK wrestling is a total nonearner, there are less than 10 full time professional workers in the uk. No one is paying their mortgage off from it and the half decent guys end up in the US anyway. There are very few genuinely good trainers in the UK in my opinion, and those who teach have never drawn any money in their career. Proceed with care, the UK wrestling scene is packed with con artists and liars.

Ludo profile image

Ludo 7 years ago Author

Cheers for your comment.

I'd just like to say that I am writing from my own experience here and any other insights are appreciated.

I do know a guy who trains with one of the larger promotions who has been in their training system for over a year, which is what I have based that statement on. I'm afraid I have to disagree that you learn nothing without wrestling in front of a crowd. If that were the case all training would be done in front of an audience. I agree that learning to work a crowd is an essential part of training however and you will never get a true judge of a trainee's abilities until they have been out in front of an audience. If you dont mind, what else do you find inaccurate?

I agree, wrestling in the UK isn't something you do for money. I think I'll add a section about that in the guide, cheers ;)

I personally wouldn't say the UK wrestling scene is packed with con artists & liars. Sure, there are some bad apples out there, but there are in every walk of life. Hence my saying if you are not happy with your treatment or training walk away :)

Once again, cheers for your comment, input is good.

British Worker 7 years ago

Was pretty good to be fair only point I majorly disagree with is that you said treat everymatch like its wrestlemania. In wrestling you have to perform to where you are on the card for example if Im up 2nd I will purposly put on a match which isn't as over the top as the main event. In order to keep the shows heat for the main event. If we went into everymatch like it was wrestlemania there would be nothin left for the fans to see by the end of the show.

Ludo profile image

Ludo 7 years ago Author

Cheers for your feedback.

I only meant by that 'put in all your effort to give the fans the best match you can'. Didn't mean to imply that you should go out there and showboat every match, no promoter wants a burnt out crowd before a big Main Event.

I just meant that you should never give a match half-hearted effort because the crowd will eat you alive for it and the promoter wont be impressed.

The way I figure it by the time they are ready to wrestle their trainer should have covered this with them anyway lol

Enis 7 years ago

If you're the promoter and you're telling your guys not to burn out the crowd because the main event is next, that is frankly every mistake you could ever make all rolled into one right there, and the exact reason no one draws any money over here. Every match needs to be golden in theory, what in the heavens are people paying for? Mediocrity? If the guys in the main event cant top what's come before them, they shouldn't be there, simple as. It doesn't take 12 months to learn everything about wrestling, you could learn it in a month at the right school. Wrestlers need to be at a school where trainees are given a shot in front of a crowd- sink or swim. Its the only way to become seasoned and learn how to work.

The Genius 7 years ago

So much good stuff here....

Enis - there are people in training that after 12 months are still only about as good as they were the at their first session and thats not down to the quality of the training. A month in most schools is 4 lessons - if i'd paid money to see a show and found out i was watching a guy with about 8 hours wrestling training under his belt i'd be a bit ticked off.

I also agree about the "burning out the crowd" Though you are totally right that every match should be "golden" there needs to be enough variety through the card for matches to all be good in different ways.

I mean like for arguments sake if theres some kind of "######## match" just before the main event and the guys each take a few dozen shots with various objects during the course of your match then unless you can't have any kind of weapon related finish in the main event unless it's like a hand grenade or something:P or it makes whoever jobs look feeble.

Oh and what if all the trainees sink? Wouldn't be a show i'd go back to

ripplemaker profile image

ripplemaker 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

Hi Ludo, I am reading your hub and the exchanges of comments and I kept thinking about the words wrestling hurts! Hahaha I'm such a silly girl but then I don't know about wrestling and so this is quite interesting. Even the points of view of different people. Hmmmm...the "wrestling" has started even outside of the match itself. Well good luck you guys.

I'm here for a good news. This hub has been picked and is included in our HubNuggets this week! Yes, HubNuggets is... ta read all about it click this link:

Do vote and promote and enjoy the Hubnugget Match! :)

Rob Dee profile image

Rob Dee 7 years ago from Florida

Nice information, Ludo and a well written Hub. Congrats on Hubnugget of the week.

Ludo profile image

Ludo 7 years ago Author

Cheers Rob & ripplemaker. Must say, I'm a bit surprised at getting nominated for the Hubnugget thing, I've only been here a week!

Genius, cheers for your feedback & comments. I've seen something a little like your senario before, with a Street Fight earlier on the card. To get around it in the Main Event the heel hit the blue-eye with a fireball(I kid you not!!) in the face! The crowd went absolutely mental!!

Green Is Good profile image

Green Is Good 7 years ago

Congrats on your Hubnugget nomination, well done :D

shah kamal 7 years ago

nice hub and congratulation.


Ludo profile image

Ludo 7 years ago Author

Cheers folks :D

DoodleLyn profile image

DoodleLyn 7 years ago from Upstate New York, USA

Congratulations on your nomination. Your hub is very well written. I have read other's comments, and cannot even begin to pretend to understand any of it, but it seems you've done your research, and written a good hub.

tksensei profile image

tksensei 7 years ago

Very much not a fan of 'pro' wrestling. Real wrestling is a great sport though. That having been said, I recognize that these guys put themselves through a lot and are often great athletes. From what I understand it is a long, hard, self-abusing road to making a living at it, so my hat's off to them for that.

Anthorn 7 years ago

What are the prospects of some one with Aspergers, and dodgy balance issues (a tad wobly nothing serious) and some one who may have a fear of taking bumps or may not be as flexable?

Do the trainers make sure you can fall by yourself first?

Ludo profile image

Ludo 7 years ago Author

Well, first off the dodgy balance would be a serious worry. If you get a little wobbly while lifting/slamming someone it could have disasterous effects. Flexibility is also another factor but that can come with time spent training. Most people are scared to bump at first but, once again, that comes with time. As for the Aspergers, the 'physical clumsiness' aspect of the condition would be the main worry there.

However, if its something you really want to do I would recommend finding a local training school, getting in contact with them and discussing your situation with them. They can then decide for themselves how to proceed.

I hope that helps. Sorry its not the greatest of news tho :(

wesley 7 years ago

i love wrestling

Bex 7 years ago

This is all very good and all, but what if you want to become a pro woman wrestler? Are things different or the same? Thanks, and congrats.

Ludo profile image

Ludo 7 years ago Author

Exactly the same process Bex, although there are a lot less women trainees than there are men so you best make sure you are willing to be picked up & handled.

Of course there is nothing to stop you asking any prospective training schools if they have any other female trainees if that makes you feel any more comfortable.

Good luck with the training ;)

James 7 years ago

Me and my girlfriend are hoping to train to be professional wrestlers. We live in Birmingham but might be moving up North soon (Around areas like Hartlepool/Red Car ect). Do you know of any good wrestling training schools that train both men and women in either area and also, what sort of diet must you have to be a wrestler?

Ludo profile image

Ludo 7 years ago Author

Hi James.

There are plenty of training schools in the Birmingham area (Wrestling Live Promotions, AWW, K-Star, AWE, ect). As for up north the two closest would be 3CW (Hartlepool) & EPW (Middlesbrough). Take a look at my training hubs linked near the top of the page for more info ;)

Most if not all schools will gladly train both men and women, although as I said above there are a lot less women trainees than there are men so your g/f best make sure she is willing to be picked up & handled by men.

As for diet, healthy. Fresh fruit & veg and plenty of protein is the way to go to ensure your body gets all the ingredients it needs to stay supple and build muscle, but you are best off asking your trainer if there is anything specific they recommend as it is their training regime you will be following.

Hope that is helpful, good luck with the training ;)

Craig Byers 7 years ago

I agree with a LOT of the stuff here, and it's a very good read. I gotta say though, if i'm booked on the match before the main event, I'll purposely try and put on the best match I possibly can (as always) and If the guys after me can't beat that, then maybe they shouldn't be the in the main event? Anyway, I know I still have a lot to learn, and that should always be the attitude of anyy worker/trainee- never stop training whenever you can, and in time theres no reason why you cant be putting on main event level matches.

Benji_mcgrew 7 years ago

Cheers for info dude. After about 5 years of pondering I've finally decided to give it a go and see if I'm man enough, you any good schools in the south coast area of England?

Ludo profile image

Ludo 7 years ago Author

You're most welcome Benji. The south coast is pretty big, but you may find some useful info in my hub on the subject:

Hope that helps and good luck ;)

Craig - The way I see it everyone should be aiming to put on the best match as fits their position on the card. For example, the first match should get the crowd fired up, the match before the main event should be quality, but not so hectic that the crowd are worn out for the main event, etc. There is also the issue of moves and spots. I've known people argue backstage about whick pair of workers gets to use a specific moonsault spot in their match, as they all want to impress the crowd but in the end it all came down to who was higher up the card. Shows should have a natural feeling rythem to them, but the match quality should always be getting better as the show progresses. If you go all out in your match early in the show the crowd may love you, but the booker/promoter may be a little annoyed that you purposely took the shine off their Main Event. But, as you say, everyone sees things differently ;)

Benji_mcgrew 7 years ago

aah brilliant there happens to be one in portsmouth thanks again for the info dude.

s-man 6 years ago

Great guide here mate, I've been thinking about finding a school near where I live for a while. Do you know of any currently active training schools around the Notts/East Midlands area? Seems some of those websites haven't been updated for some time, like 2008 or whatever.

Ludo profile image

Ludo 6 years ago Author

The info is as up to date as it can be I'm afraid. A lot of wrestling sites are not updated very often unfortunately.

As far as your question goes the closest one in that area would be Norton British Wrestling who opperate a school in Creswell, Derbyshire.

Hope that helps ;)

the ultimate 6 years ago

would you say 26 is to old to start training

Ludo profile image

Ludo 6 years ago Author

Not at all. I myself started training at 25, I know guys who didn't start until they were in their early 30s ;)

the ultimate 6 years ago

thats brilliant thankyou

im from south wales is there any schools in my area

Ludo profile image

Ludo 6 years ago Author

The only one I know of in South Wales is:


Location: 88 Stow Hill, Newport, Gwent.

Head Trainer/s: Jason Cross & 'Flyin' Mike Bird

Training Times: Sun; 12pm - 3pm

More Info: Email: or call: 07748 810095

There are also other promotions in Wales offering training, check out my hub for more info ;)

Will 6 years ago

This may be a stupid question, but when starting out, how important is it to be physically very strong? I mean, is strength something that comes with the practice and training or should you be going to a 1st session built big?

Ludo profile image

Ludo 6 years ago Author

You can be any size and shape to be a pro wrestler, strength isn't important to begin with, strength & stamina come with time

Michael 6 years ago

Nice hub Ludo. I'm willing to give it a go. I'm 14, do you know what age you have to be to train? And, is there any training schools in the Norfolk area? many thanks :)

Ludo profile image

Ludo 6 years ago Author

Different promotions will begin training from different ages, so it is best to enquire before hand.

Two that I know of in Norfolk: WAW and the Pitbull Powerhouse. For more info on them check out my Southern UK training hub:

Good luck ;)

Michael 6 years ago

Thanks :P

Tk 6 years ago

Is there any wrestling school in india or bangladesh?

Ludo profile image

Ludo 6 years ago Author

I'm afraid I can't help you there Tk, my knowledge only extends to the UK

Josh 6 years ago

Very well written article. I had a cloud of uncertainty about me as I investigated various schools in Ireland and this article (as well as the comments) have cleared it up. I have a real passion for this, so as said above, it's time to give it a go and see if I'm man enough" =P

Matt 6 years ago

would you say 34 is too old to start? i'm fairly fit and healthy and go to the gym 4 times a week

Ludo profile image

Ludo 6 years ago Author

Cheers for your comment Josh, it makes me happy to know that I've helped you on your way :)

Matt, as long as you are fit and healthy age is no real barrier to giving it a go.

Good luck to you both ;)

Ollie 6 years ago

I am 14 years old at the moment so when should I go to a training school? I hope to move to America when I'm older. What do you think mate?

Ludo profile image

Ludo 6 years ago Author

I think that it is your personal choise but you'd be best to make sure you parents are cool with it.

Depending on the area you live in you could well find a promotion that offers training to under 16s. My advice is check out my other hubs on Training Schools in the UK and go from there.

Good luck ;)

Dave 6 years ago

I read that training in a Canadian school (such as the Storm Wrestling Academy) could be more beneficial as UK promoters are more likely to book you and the training would be better. Is there truth in this or is it better to find a good school in the UK?

Ludo profile image

Ludo 6 years ago Author

If you live in the UK I would recommend starting off your training in the UK before considering heading off to Canada or the US to train.

Not only will this mean that you can find out if you are suited to wrestling before laying out for travel, accomodation and the training inself but you will get a whole lot more from your expensive US/Canadian training as you will have the basics already under your belt.

Hope this helps and good luck ;)

Thomas Staples 6 years ago

I have been looking for a wrestling school for about a year now, and I can't find one in my area

what should I do?

Ludo profile image

Ludo 6 years ago Author

Well if you are in the UK check out my other hubs, they have lists of training schools region by region.

If you're elsewhere in the world all I can really suggest is typing 'pro wrestling training' followed by your area into google I'm afraid.

Sorry I cant be of more help

willb 6 years ago

i live in eastbourne in east sussex where is the closest wrestling school to me?

Emma 6 years ago

so does that mean when your doing your first few shows you have to let the other apponent win?

Nature Boy Wooooooooooo 6 years ago

I.... ..... .... am a 16-time,16-time,16-time, world heavyweight champion... thanks for the advice on getting started.... and remember"oldest ride,longest line,Wooooooooooooooooooooooo

Aaron 6 years ago

Hi Ludo,

first of all I want to thank you for the article, I am positive it will help me a lot. I am 16 years old and I am passionate about joining the wrestling world! I was wondering if you knew of any training/wrestling schools in or around the Surrey area?

I was also wondering if my age would be a factor to training?

Ludo profile image

Ludo 6 years ago Author

Hi Aaron

For info on wretling schools in the South of England check out my hub on the subject:

Your age shouldn't be too much of a factor, the minimum age for training is usually 16 in most promotions ;)

Anicia 6 years ago

I am a 13 year old female, and I have had a dream to be a Pro Wrestler for awhile now. My family doesn't take this career seriously, and right now i am saving up tons of money to go to a wrestling school. So for right now , until i am 16 what should i do in order to be ready to go to a wresling school? Any tips or help?

Ludo profile image

Ludo 6 years ago Author

I'd say the most you can do Anicia is keep yourself in shape, work on your stamina and cardio. There may be some promotions close to you that will train you at your age, but without your parents' permission that wont really help. I hope that helps :)

Jay 6 years ago

Hi Ludo!!

Your article is incredibly helpful, thanks for writing it up!! I've been looking for pro-wrestling schools in London but I haven't had any luck, LDN has moved from Edmonton and Dropkixx don't seem to have a club in Tottenham anymore. Do you know of any others? If not what would be an alternative way of training so that once I do start learning pro wrestling I have some basics of grappling etc down? Would MMA training help at all?

Anicia 6 years ago

Thanks alot, since right now im living in an area overseas, for the time being, they are huge on karate. so im thinking of trying that? is that a good fondation?

doesn't it work on your flexiblite?

thank again!

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Ludo 6 years ago Author

Thanks Jay, glad you've found it usefull. LDN's London training has moved to Totteridge in North London. More info can be found here:

Karate isn't a bad starting point Anicia, it will strengthen you, aid your stamina, get you used to learning techniques, ect. When you move over to wrestling you will have to essentially re-learn how to fall, but at least you'll have a ready made gimmick when you debut :)

scott 6 years ago

hi ilikebe professional wrestling can u help

Zed 6 years ago

Hi Ludo,

First of all, wanted to say thanks for such a great guide. I've been a wrestling fan for years, and I'm just now thinking maybe it's time I gave it a crack, mostly just for the experience (also, after going to a show at Butlins in Skegness this weekend, my folks suddenly think I'd be good at it.)

Just have a couple of questions for you, if you wouldn't mind answering them

- I'm 23. Have I left it too late?

- Is there a 'minimum fitness level' I should try and get to before I do any training? I'm not exactly 'in shape'.

- Do you know of any wrestling schools in the Cardiff area? I noticed one in Newport, but obviously if there's one a little closer, that'd be ideal.


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Ludo 6 years ago Author

You are most welcome Zed :)

No, 23 is fine. I started training myself at 25 and I know of guys who started in their early 30s

There is no minumum fitness level and you will find that training makes you fit. But if you are out of shape expect to be pushed to your limits during training, there is usually a pretty gruelling workout at the start of wrestling sessions to loosen up your muscles ready for the abuse you are going to put them through.

As far as I am aware the closest would be Dragon Pro in Newport. Celtic Wrestling used to offer training in Cardiff, I haven't heard of anything happening there in a while but it may be worth googling their site and contacting them about it ;)

Hope that helps a bit

Meagan 6 years ago

I watch wrestling every chance I get and I would love to try it out. I am a 14 year old girl and I live in Alberta but im not sure who i should talk to about getting into a wrestling school. any suggestions?

Darryl "DiZZiEe D7" Evans 6 years ago

i live in birmingham and i would like to take up wrestling wat do i do

James Mainwaring 6 years ago

I watch wwe every week smackdown and raw and ppv's.

I would love to be in the wwe and be in a wrestling career im 15 and quite a large tall lad can i still be a wrestler even though im fat

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Ludo 6 years ago Author

Being on the chunky side isn't really an issue in wrestling, just look at Earthquake, Yokozuna and, closer to home, Big Daddy & Giant Haystacks. All massive guys, all known all over the world. The thing you may struggle with is cardio, but that can come with time ;)

Kemz 6 years ago

My biggest worry is not getting taken seriously. I'm part of pro-wrestling's female fanbase (21 years old) and I would *love* to give this a go... I've been watching since I was a child and it's been a dream of mine to at least try. But with the way women are portrayed in wrestling now, it puts me off a bit. Do you know anything about how much say you'll eventually have in your gimmick, or are all females expected to look and dress and act like Barbie when/if they hit the big time?

Nick Fox 6 years ago

Hey Ludo

Im glad i saw your hub.

Ive been into Wrestling for a long time now and i watch Every RAW Smackdown PPV's etc.

And it has influenced me and my friend. Were 15 and have been thinking about becoming Professional Wrestlers for a few years now. We are very serious about it & and would love to do it as a job.

But there is just 1 thing which would stop us going to a Training Session and that would be for instance if we were to pay a good sum off money for the session but then there would be about 10-15 people being trained at the same time. We wouldn't be getting the right training because it would be like taking it in turns type of thing.

What me and my friend would be comfortable doing is, a Private session Together with 1 person. Is this possible?

Thanks Nick :)

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Ludo 6 years ago Author

Kemz - It's only in the biggest promotions globally (see WWE & TNA) that bookers or 'writers' choose a wrestler's gimmick for them, 99.99% of the time it's up to the wrestler. Your trainer will be able to help there though and offer advice as to what they think will suit you best. Once you are being hired for shows bookers may want you to play a specific charater/gimmick, but this would have been discussed beforehand and you are always within your rights to say no, it may cost you the booking however. I'd advise looking up some female UK wrestlers and you'll see what I mean, although women's wrestling isn't huge in the UK so a lot of female wrestlers in the UK are quite generic.

Nick - Have to say, the training you are considering not 'getting the right training' is the way the majority of wrestlers learn the trade. There are very few one on one training schools available and you will have to pay WAY more for the priviledge. And trust me on this, you will be thankfull when training that after taking a move/bump you've got a minute while everyone else takes it to recover before you take it again ;)

Nick Fox 6 years ago

Nick - Have to say, the training you are considering not 'getting the right training' is the way the majority of wrestlers learn the trade. There are very few one on one training schools available and you will have to pay WAY more for the priviledge. And trust me on this, you will be thankfull when training that after taking a move/bump you've got a minute while everyone else takes it to recover before you take it again ;)

OMG Why dint i think of that. Cheers Ludo :)

Ryan 6 years ago

Hi Ludo. I'm 16, and a big wrestling fan. I'm starting to think about training and to become a pro wrestler, though I want to do some serious research before I commit myself to it. I'm 6"0, though really lanky and light. Do trainers/schools take this into consideration? I know promotions often exaggerate the weight of wrestlers, but is it still a problem?

Jamie 6 years ago

Hi ludo, great info you have given. I'm 15 and my main concern would be the future, as you said in the blog this isn't the way to make money in the uk. i would love to try this, however i also dont want to fail at life :S. for example i plan on going to university when im older, but i also would love to be a wrestler. (i've even got gimmicks and the style of my wrestler thought out :L ) what would you do if you were in my situation.

i also only live in stranraer and its a small town, i know that there probz wont be any schools which i could attend. how much would the training cost per year if i was to move to a city such as edinburgh, glasgow or even London if need be. i do plan on going to university as i said, so should i try doing both ? i know there are schools in dublin ireland which i could try to move to when im older :) do you think it would be wise. if i start saving now i could maybe do this, i love watching TNA and WWE. i also occationaly watch ring of honour on youtube

Ollie 6 years ago

I love this page it's really useful, I commented last year on this and I think I still would love to join a wrestling school. I live in Solihull so Birmingham is the nearest place for school (correct me if I'm wrong) so I'm wondering whether to go to Digbeth or Perry bar, I will look into this.

I was wondering if most of the wrestling schools will be adult orientated and not many 14-18 year olds will be training because this may put me off a certain gym, do you know anything about age in the schools?

Also you said you have trained to be a wrestler, just out of interest what companies have you wrestled for? :)

Thanks again for a great informative page


SHAMAR 6 years ago


Jane Alana Ross 5 years ago

I wanted to say to Anthorn even though your comment was many months ago, I have Aspergers Syndrome also and, if you are worried about clumsiness, I was extremely clumsy until I started martial arts training. I'm not now. It's helped tons. I do freestyle and judo. I started them because there were no pro wrestling schools nearby, basically (Cornwall), and I wanted to do SOMETHING to prepare. But they have helped me tons in physical fitness, confidence and coordination, and are loads of fun in their own right.

Also I will say I am 29 before beginning training and also female and I have had very encouraging email replies to emails I sent to company asking about pro wrestling training and all the worries I have. I am also a giant (6' 3'' ~210lbs) so maybe that is in my favour, but I wouldn't think it would have that much influence?

Ludo I love this article, very well structured and loads of neat advice, all easy to understand. :) My favourite bit is the bit at the end about doing it for the love of it. Even if there were tons of money in it, I would still think this is a very important point! People will never take pro wrestling seriously as a sport unless we all continue the passion in it. Every sport misses out something another sport has. Some don't have the team element. Some don't have the physical fitness element. Some don't have the direct scoring element (being judged and whatnot). The way I see it, pro wrestling misses out on the direct-consequence competition element (e.g. the best one wins the match). But absolutely deserves its place amongst all the other sports. And if the love continues, all those snobs who look down noses will eventually know this and share in the good feelings! That is my view anyway. :)

So yeah I want to be a wrestler and if I'm not cut out for it (expectations never being a sure thing), I still want to work in the industry in some capacity. So I think I am going to save up money after paying debts to move house in order to train.

Warrior spirit forever! >:D

martin 5 years ago

is tehre any in cornwall i reaqlly want to start but finding it hard find a place :(

Hawkinssquall 5 years ago

I notice that you have already said you can start at any age however what worries me is that at 24 and being a fat hairy guy am I gonna feel uncomfortable or made to feel dumb? I have thought about maybe managing (and taking bumps) but am not sure how this training might differ. Any advice?

JackUnprettier 5 years ago

This has been my dream for years i mean im only 18 now and live in south england near a place called portsmouth and im looking for schools. i have no idea how i tell parents or friends what i want to do they all like hate wrestling etc.

but my biggest concern is will i ever be taken seriously wrestling i was watching a interview with jericho from a few years ago and he said people called him small in the locker room etc and he 6ft im only 5ft 7/8 would this be an issue. i mean personally i think if i work as hard as everyone else it shouldn't be however i dont no what wrestling trainers etc think

thanks for the hub :)

Mort 5 years ago

Anyone in the South Wales area really should check out Dragon PRO for training. We have some real talent teaching and taking part there at the moment, including Mark Andrews (aka White Lightning/Lightning Kid) Flash Morgan, Flying Mike Bird and Wild Boar Hitchman.

There's loads others, and we have visits from Alex Shane as we're now part of the BWC.

The Jet profile image

The Jet 5 years ago from The Bay

Thank you for this. It was quite the read and very useful.

Mohit 5 years ago

I really liked this. Thank you, i am just 14 years old, living in India. From childhood it's been my dream to stand in the arena at wrestle-mania with the crowds chanting my name. Dude once, again thank you for your guide i found it quite useful. please do send me more tips if you know at my e-mail at

Josh Gerry profile image

Josh Gerry 5 years ago from Winston-Salem, North Carolina

SOmeone earlier mentioned con artists and liars in the UK. Unfortunately that is true of a lot of promoters and people in this business. Pro Wrestling started as a con in the carnivals and some people haven't been able to get out of that mind set.

Best advice to give to someone wanting to break into the business is to be careful where and with who you plop your hard earned money down.

Jack 5 years ago

I have stretch marks on my belly but am still a teenage; will these affect my chance of being a wrestler? Will I be considered to not have 'the look'?

rohit chibhrani 5 years ago

hello sir, I am rohit,male, age 17.

I live in india......and I want to become a professional wrestler.,but,in india there are no professional wrestling school.Sir,please can you tell me is there any wrestling school near india.........and what is the fees and all thing that I should know......Sir I am waiting for your reply.....

tom 5 years ago

i voted usefull and AAAWWWEEESSOMMEE

Katze Immortal 4 years ago

I just contacted a wrestling school in my area (in the States, sorry) and am HUGELY excited to start training. I have a background in gymnastics, so I'm not too worried about taking bumps. My biggest question is this: Can a woman successfully wrestle men if she's *not* the size of Chyna? I'm not a small girl, and some of my friends who wrestle have lifted me up before, which doesn't phase me. I'm just wondering if taking those bumps would shorten my career, given my sex.

anthony 4 years ago

i am only 14 i had thought about becoming a wrestler once before (as i have loved wrestling my whole life) but i thought it would be an unrealistic choice but i recently brought the dream back and ive been reading hubs,pages,articles etc and this has been most helpful. it has given me an insight to pro wrestling and what is to come if i do attempt to become a wrestler like when you said the training 'HURTS' im a bit worried but its worth a try right. but until im old enough ive just got to keep active. thanks a really good hub :)

hello27 4 years ago

Hello there

I am a female wrestling fan for 23yrs .. and at the back of my mind I always wanted to b a wrestler... I have done other sports such as power lifting , bodybuilding , boxing and thai boxing. But knw I know what I want to do :) I am looking for a pro wrestling schools in London? yes pain is the name of the game .... as I have done extreme training and dieting in the past. Just need to take one step futher to become a pro wrestler .... regards Hasina

vikram singh bhati 4 years ago

i want to join wwe . i want to become a wrestler at world wide. if u can give me platform than please call me

ml 4 years ago

wel i big man my self near 6.7 foot so den even bigger man den .

harsh 4 years ago

can anyone tell me ..what should i do???? i am from india..don't have any wrestling school here.should i come to uk for it possible.???? plz reply.

Ash 4 years ago

Does anyone know of any training schools near Shrewsbury Shropshire that dont start training sessions at 5pm weekdays.

Fred 4 years ago

Ludo your enthralling article has convinced me that pursuing wrestling is a reality not a fantasy and one which I now am pursuing

Since you seem to have a great understanding of the UK circuit could you perhaps inform me of any wrestling facilities (schools, promotions, academies, etc) in south west england?

Also if it is not too much trouble could you explain how the transition from the UK to USA happens and was it a culture shock?

John Charles Burr 4 years ago

where do i write my John Hancock. get my number 1-760-556-2299. when u call ur gonna u will need a paper and pncil. ur gonna b receiving my info so that i can be apart of this wrestling dream.

Steven Quinlan 3 years ago

I pretty much fall into your first category, of someone who has been watching professional wrestling on and off all my life and always wanted my own finisher, so I think I want to give this a go.

So thanks for the advice. :)

I'm off to find a school in or near Luton.

TheGeneticFreak 3 years ago

hi can i stqrt training from the age of 25? thank u.

Nathan 3 years ago

Thanks this has really helped me ludo I really want to be become a wrestler and will never give up to achieve my dreams

sumit bishnoi 3 years ago

Ludo iam from I am biggest fan of wresteing....I am watching last 13 year wwe. ....I knw every move

....nd I become here is no school in my state and my father also not supporting me..... plz hlp me.....u can tell me any best school in any country to go there ...I 'll do any thing for that to go wrestling school. Plz hlp its my dream

Phill 2 years ago

Really want to know if you can help me need to know of there are any wrestling schools in the Coventry/ rugby area that are open

Bisto 2 years ago

I know of PWA near Coventry. They tend to have shows in Leamington Spa.

But I'm here on the off chance to find wrestling schools near Cornwall.

I'm a fairly casual but happy wrestler in the Midlands.

This fellow is on about coming up to train with us.

I'm sure there's plenty of wrestling places much closer, but I can't find any.

Gaurav Singh 12 months ago

Hey I am from India, and I wants to know how much it cost for wwe training, and please tell me about the best wwe training school, because I am a big fan of wwe and wants to become a pro-wrestler


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