How do trout fish multiply

How do trout multiply

Most people do not have the foggiest idea how a trout fish multiplies or spawns,or in other words makes more trout.

The female trout deposits eggs in a moving stream by wiggling her body fast and the eggs are dispersed into the stream.

Many males follow the female and are excreting sperm over the eggs,and when the sperm comes in contact it attaches to the egg,and enters through the micropyle.(A minute opening in the Ovum)

This action takes place when an egg is formed in the ovary and the future success for energy is the protein and fat in the yolks.

At this stage the egg is very sticky and soft.Thus the ovum is enclosed in the soft shell.

The fluid called perivitelline(Normal conception includes a series of steps that select mature, fertile sperm and only allows the selected sperm to contact the egg plasma membrane and to fertilize the egg). is enclosed in this shell space.

There is an entry way for the sperm called the micropyle.

Trout eggs are sticky and stick to rocks when spawned,because of the action of water passing through the porous shell.

This process is called water hardening and when complete the egg is hardened.

Now the egg becomes turgid with water and the shell separates from the yolk membrane by the perivilline space,which is filled with fluid.

This process lets the yolk and germinal disc to rotate at will inside the egg.The disc is always in the upright position.

The sperm consists of a body,head and tail.It is inactive when it first leaves the male trout.

Now when it contacts the water it becomes very active.

Now when the egg and sperm unite,the nuclear materials of the both form a zygote.( The initial cell formed)

After a few hours the zygote divides repeatedly and this forms the embryo.

During the first 48 hours the fertilized eggs become more and more fragile and cannot be moved until the process called blastopore is completed.

These eggs remain tender,until the eyes are pigmented,this is called the eye stage.

Once the eggs have eyes,they can be moved to other waters or hatcherys.

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trout are the fish I am talking about prettydarkhorse

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