How to Catch Big Perch Tips & Secrets

Sometimes i leave all  the carp gear indoors and settle for a float rod and light tackle.....

Perch are a fantastic fish to fish for if you are new to fishing, and also a fantastic fish for children to go for. They are not the hardet to catch but are nevertheless great fun.

I aim to give you 5 wonderful tips that should help improve your catch rates when fishing for perch. Hopefully they work for you.

1) You will have a huge advantage of catching more perch if bait the swim up in order the attract them. The best way to do this is to use fishmeal base groundbait and adding some chopped worms. The smell will attract the fish almost instantly and the cloud also attract perch. Glow worms can also be very attractive. Most bait is cheaper to buy online, so i recommend that also. I have added a shortcut below to some of my favourites.

2) You will catch perch on Worm and Maggots over any other bait. I have caught perch on bread and even sweetcorn before but you could be waiting a very long time and will have to get through the other common lake fish, such as roach, bream, carp before you will catch a perch on these baits.

3) Small hooks are also important. A size 20 hook will catch you small perch with no problems. If you aim to catch larger ones then a size 14 hook should be more than sufficient, but bare in mind you are likely to catch less smaller fish by doing this. 2 maggots, preferably red will give you the best results. Be sure to strike quickly on a bite from a perch otherwise you will find that they swallow the hook and it can be tricky trying to get it out with a disgorger and can also harm the fish.

4) Be careful when picking up a perch in your hand. They're top fin is very sharp and can cut very easily. Therefore best to hold them from underneath.

5) Use a light fishing line, i recommend 2 - 4lb. You will find yourself getting more bites by using a lighter line than a thicker on.

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