Where to go for a Southern Deer Hunting Expedition

Southern Deer Hunting

Southern Deer Hunting Expedition

Deer hunting is a favorite past-time for many Americans. Why not plan a vacation touring the Southern State’s different hunting lodges and harvest a few deer while you’re there. Hunting lodges can vary from very primitive and rustic to five star accommodations.

Let’s start in the extreme Southeast, in Florida. To be even more specific, Suwannee County Florida at the Trophy Hill Plantation. The lodge offers modest accommodations and trophy whitetails. They never double book so you will be the only party there.


Let’s hop over to the Peach State and visit the Gray Ghost Plantation. The name is describing the elusive whitetail. Only 1 hour 45 minutes southwest of Atlanta, the 1100 acres offers great hunting opportunities. Not the biggest or the most luxurious, it will definitely put you in the mood to hunt.


Heading west we will stop in sweet home Alabama at the Great Southern Outdoors Plantation in Union Springs, AL. The lodge is southeast of Montgomery located in the Black Belt, an area notorious for producing quality bucks. Accommodations here are pretty nice with pine and cypress woodwork throughout.


Next door in Mississippi we will stop at the Harriswood Plantation in Pond, MS. Nestled in the steep Tunica Hills in the southwestern part of the state, the original plantation house really sets the scene for an old south hunt. Harisswood is one of those places that the wife would not mind visiting, it’s that nice. This outfit advertises the “no shoot, no pay” policy, a testament to their confidence that you will bag something and it’s usually big.


Continuing west into Louisiana, we will stop at the Land of Lakes Plantation in Ville Platte, LA. That means “flat town” in English. Offering trophy whitetails and the best cooking you will ever experience. Those Cajuns know how to cook. Lodging is comfortable and the staff will make you feel right at home.


We will travel to Texas next. Texas is home to more hunting lodges than any other State. Only picking one lodge to discuss is difficult but I will do my best. The 777 Ranch in Hondo, TX is legendary and I will explain why. It boasts over 15,000 acres, over 50 exotics from five different continents and some of the biggest bucks in the world. The accommodations are unmatched and the scenery breathtaking.


Now were really getting out west. We will stop by the Sunrise Hunts Lodge in Kenna, NM. The guest house is a western style bunkhouse which can sleep four, so you know you will never be crowded. Out in this part of the country Mule deer rule. They get quite a bit bigger than whitetails and will look great on the wall. This will be the end of the line for our Southern Deer Hunting expedition, but there will be more to come.


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