How to Get an Athletic Scholarship: It's the Little Things

Little Things to Do to Get An Athletic Scholarship

Sometimes it’s the small things that make a big impact when trying for that athletic scholarship. For example, a handwritten note of thanks makes a bigger impression than an email. After a recruiting visit send the recruiting coordinator and/or the head coach a little thank you note for the time they spent with you.

When you first send out an email or letter to the college in expressing interest to play for their team, make sure that you have someone proof read your letter. Even if you are a straight “A” student, mistakes can be made and can make a subtle difference when trying to land that athletic scholarship.

Another thing to do is to make sure you personalize the email or letter. You can do this by mentioning the team name or mascot. For Example, “I hope the Knights have a great season this year”. Just the simple act of swapping out the mascot name personalizes the letter so it doesn’t look like some mass email.

If a certain school stands out and it looks like there is a good shot at an athletic scholarship at the school, make mention of that in Facebook or better yet, include a picture of yourself taken while you were at the school. Coaches will pick up on that level of detail.

Create a web site for yourself. A .info domain costs less than a dollar a year and hosting will run about 6 or 7 dollars a month. On the web site you can add things about your season, personal stats, copy clippings from local newspapers and most importantly, add some highlight film. I know of one athletic scholarship candidate that did that and most of the colleges said they would be happy just to watch the film and get updates on his web site.

The added bonus of the web site is that most Internet service providers have statistics to show when people come to your web site. Since the site won’t be optimized to be searched by Google, it really is just coaches that will be coming to your site and you will have a idea of who they are by the location they are viewing your site from.

For those wanting samples of recruiting letters that work very well, lists of colleges and associated sports, or more information on building a web site for getting that athletic scholarship, go to

How to Get an Athletic Scholarship

An Athletic Scholarship may be as close as your computer
An Athletic Scholarship may be as close as your computer

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vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 6 years ago from Nashville Tn.

An excellent hub on how to get an athletic scholarship. The website information is terrific. Something I didn't know and can now share with friends. Thanks

jpohl profile image

jpohl 6 years ago from Rockford, IL Author

Thanks VocalCoach. My nephew did many of these things and I created him a web site and in two weeks he is headed for a division one school in Texas to play football.

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