How to start a fire using two broken Bic Lighters

Bic Disposable lighters are one of the most common ways to light a camp fire, whether it be for a cooking or for heat in a survival situation. But what happens when your Bic lighters break or run out of fuel? Our first instinct is to throw them away. But those malfunctioning lighters may come in handy in a moment of need.

You may find yourself with a lighter whose flint mechanism is stuck but still has fuel, and with another lighter which has run out of fuel but has flint mechanism intact. If you ever find yourself in this situation, here’s an easy way for you to light your camp fire.

1 Hold the lighter with the broken flint mechanism, (which still has fuel), in one hand and the lighter with no fuel but working flint mechanism in the other.

2. Depress and hold down the lever of the lighter with the broken flint mechanism, releasing the fuel as if you had just stroke the wheel to light it.

3. Bring the empty lighter close to the flint of the broken one and use the empty lighter’s flint to strike a spark. Even though the lighter is empty of fuel the flint will strike a spark and light the fluid being released by the broken lighter. Just like that you have lit lighter; you have fire.

This is an easy solution to being stuck with two broken lighters. Next time you’re camping or hunting and your lighter breaks don’t be so quick to discard it, it may come in handy if your reserved one also breaks.

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