Fishing Tackle-- Hook Eze for Tying Knots

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Have you ever had dificulty tying your knots on a cold wet day and wish there was a quicker way to do it ?

Or had to do the whole families hooks when you want to get into the fishing ?

Ross Bain invented a product called the Hook-Eze a simple device to help people of all ages from as young as three tie their hooks safely and quickly.These are Ideal for anyone who has difficulty tying fishing hooks to the line.

and they Safely hold your hook hook while you are tying the fishing line eliminating painful injuries to you or your dog / other person

There are many other benefits such as being great for tying a selection of swivels and snap-on clips

When traveling it Safely the hook hook and clips over the fishing rod for storage and transportation - No more injured pets or torn upholstery!

It is Ideal for those suffering certain disabilities where you find it difficult to tie knots and makes it a safer alternative for you to use while tying hooks on.

It is a convenient h andy carry size, which attaches to your fishing rod, key ring, belt or clothing so you wont lose it and to save your teeth it comes complete with fishing line cutting device.It is so simple now everyone can tie their own tackle rather than you doing it all for them !

They come in 3 colours yellow - pink or blue and we sell them $8 each or 3 for $20 + P&H .

We were selling them at the markets but have stopped traveling for a while.

If you want to buy any just send us an email so you can add a hook eze to your fishing tackle and stop losing your hooks or catching yourself or your dog on the hooks.

Even children 3 years old can tie their own hooks with hook_eze !
Even children 3 years old can tie their own hooks with hook_eze !
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