How to wax your surfboard the first time

Surf Wax

Surf wax is rubbed on the deck of the surfboard (top side) to give surfers traction. A wet and un-waxed surfboard is slippery and surfer would fall off quickly. Wax is usually made out of oil based paraffin and other waxes, different brands have different formulas for it. Which one is best?

In time you will find your fav wax either by the way it smells or by the way it works.

The most famous wax brand is SEX WAX.
The most famous wax brand is SEX WAX.

Wax Types

Base coat wax

This wax is specially designed for that first wax job. Every time you start with a clean surfboard with no wax you will want to use base coat wax. Why? Wax will stick better to the board and your wax job will last longer. Do you have to use it? Most of the time when I wax I don't have it with me so more than half of the time I don't use base wax. It's ok, but if you use it it works better.

Normal temperature dependent waxes

Regular (not base coat) waxes can be either COLD, COOL, WARM, TROPICAL. This tells you for which water temperature are they intended. A wrong wax can ruin your surf session, especially if you put a softer cold water wax onto your board and then take it to a really warm water. Soft wax will melt...

NOTE: If you want to learn more about waxing and also cleaning your surfboard and removing the wax check this ultimate guide here.


1. Rub base coat wax

2. Base coat forms bumps

3. Rub normal wax

How To wax?

  1. Take a bar of base coat and start rubbing. Use the edge of the bar, not the flat part.
  2. Rub as the pictures below show you.
  3. You know there is enough base wax when wax bumps have formed.
  4. Take regular wax a cover base wax with it.

Thats it!

How to wax 1
How to wax 1
How to wax 2
How to wax 2
How to wax 3
How to wax 3

It doesn't really mater how you rub, but be consistent, use the same technique from tail to nose and don't leave any bald spots.

A collection of waxes
A collection of waxes | Source
Base coat
Base coat

Do you use base coat wax?

As said I usually don't. Also most of the surfer friends I have also don't use base coat wax. How about you? I am really interested in how many people use it...

Base Coat

Do you use base coat wax?

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