Hunting with Spears

When you go hunting with spears, it is an adventure unlike any other. The skills required of the spear hunter exceeds any other type of hunting. The hunter must be able to move soundlessly through any type of terrain. The hunter must know the animals habits, what time of the day or night to hunt, the type of terrain the animal prefers, and where the animal is most likely to be found.

Hunting with spears was done by our ancestors. They did it to stay alive, to get food and to provide clothing for their family.   To the ancestral hunters, spears are a symbol of power and a way of life.  Without using spears as tools, the wouldn't be able to have their next meal.

When you are spear hunting, there are several ways to use your spear. You can brace it against the ground and let the charging animal impale itself on the spear. You can trust it forward and spear the target. These can be thrown. The correct way to do throw a spear is to walk forward with the spear in your throwing arm. The throwing arm is extended behind you. When the opposite foot hits the ground, you bring your throwing arm forward and throw the spear. This will put the most power into the spear thrust. You can also stab or swing the spear.

Hunting with spears requires that the hunter get close to the animal. In order to do that the hunter must either let the animal come to him or approaches the animal without alerting it to danger. If you are hunting small animals, the hunt is just a matter of technique and pride.

However, large game like deer ,elk, bear and wild boar hunting with spears is a matter of survival. These are dangerous animals and when cornered will fight to the death, theirs or yours. Hunting with spears can be for sport, for conservation and for meat. Sometimes the hunter is enjoying teh outdoors and honing his hunting skills. Some of the hunted animals are rodents or pests. They destroy the natural habitat, overpopulate, and endanger other species. The balance of nature is out of order. Some of the meat is delicious and is used to feed hungry families.

Hunting with spears requires courage, skill and dedication.


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