IPL – Is Shah Rukh Khan’s Ban Justified?

Shah Rukh Khan brawl at Wankhade Stadium

Ban On Shah Rukh Khan

Ban On Shah Rukh Khan
Ban On Shah Rukh Khan | Source

Wordy Duel With Police

Ban On Shah Rukh Khan

The controversial ban on Shah Rukh Khan to enter the Mumbai’s Wankhade Stadium for five years has raised eyebrows. Shah Rukh Khan is a Bollywood celebrity and is recognized instantly anywhere in the world (perhaps with the exception of US Airports!). He was at the centre of controversy on Wednesday after the IPL cricket match between Mumbai Indians and KKR, which team he co-owns.

Wordy Duel With Police

Mumbai Indians lost the match before their home crowd at Wankhade Stadium. The crowd was very angry and disappointed. At that time Shah Rukh Khan tried to enter the playing area (of course the match was over at that time) with some kids including his daughter. The police tried to prevent the kids from entering the field for security reason. They pushed the kids also to prevent them from entering. Shah Rukh Khan was angry and put up a wordy duel with the police and the cricket authorities. Photographs clearly showed this. A case has bee registered against Shah Rukh Khan for his behaviour. Mumbai Cricket Association has also banned Shah Rukh Khan from entering the Wankhade Stadium for five years as a punishment.

Can Shah Rukh Khan Pick Out A Quarrel With American Police?

Shah Rukh Khan has questioned how the police can push the kids and prevent them from participating in the function. Can Shah Rukh Khan ask a similar question to the US immigration authorities who detain him in the airport for long hours? Shah Rukh Khan is trying to show his valour against the Indian police. What wrong have the Mumbai police done against him? Do the police not have the right to regulate who can enter the playfield during the function for security reasons?

A Woman Assassinated Rajiv Gandhi

The police have the power to ban even kids from entering the playfield. Imagine, some Pakistan terrorist has implanted a suicide bomb in the dress worn by an eight years old kid and it explodes, causing a catastrophe in the stadium. Whose responsibility is it to prevent such a nightmare? Is it not the duty of the police to check each and every person and regulate them? The former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s life was lost because the police took leniently a woman who approached him with a suicide bomb arranged by the dreaded terrorist organization LTTE. We are living in such a time that we cannot take kids, women, elderly people or disabled people for granted as far as security goes. Remember, in the famous novel (real story) ‘Day of the Jackal’, the assassin Jackal escapes police check as he was pretending to be a disabled lame man with his crutches (inside the crutches his gun was hidden). But the Jackal’s attempt to assassinate the then French President Charles De Gaulle failed because unexpectedly De Gaulle bent his head to kiss his fellow soldier.

Pakistani Kids Are Taught To Kill Americans And Indians

Pakistani Kids Are Taught To Kill Americans And Indians
Pakistani Kids Are Taught To Kill Americans And Indians | Source

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IPL – Is Shah Rukh Khan’s Ban Justified?

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IPL – Is Shah Rukh Khan’s Ban Justified?

IPL – Is Shah Rukh Khan’s Ban Justified?

Pakistani Kids Are Taught To Kill Americans And Indians

Pakistan is bent upon organizing mass murders in India through the terrorists it is vigorously training on its soil. In the Madrasas (Islamic schools), the Pakistan kids are trained by the teachers to kill Americans and Indians to win favour from Lord Allah. Under the circumstances, the police are right in insisting on anybody including the kids not entering the playfield. Shah Rukh Khan should have cooperated with the police instead of picking up quarrel with them and the stadium authorities. The police and the officers of the cricket stadium say that Shah Rukh Khan was drunk at the time of quarrel. Shah Rukh Khan has disputed this. But whether Shah Rukh Khan indulged in this abusive behaviour under the influence of alcohol is not the moot point. His behaviour itself was despicable whether he was inebriated or not. Booking a case against Shah Rukh Khan was quite the correct decision.

Ban Order Is Meaningless

But I don’t think banning Shah Rukh Khan from entering Wankhade Stadium for five years was a sensible decision. Wankhade Stadium is not a private property. It is a public place where people congregate to witness big events like cricket match. Even the Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries is conducted in the Wankhade Stadium because of the large number of shareholders the company has. Will it be legal and correct to ban a person from entering a public place? If a person has abusively behaved in Napeon Sea Road in Mumbai, booking him and punishing him with fine or imprisonment may be okay. But it will not be correct to ask him not to walk or travel along Napeon Sea Road for five years. Misbehaviour in a railway compartment can be punished. But banning the person from travelling in train for five years will be a foolish and unenforceable decision.

As A Spectator Or Shareholder, Shah Rukh Khan Can Enter The Stadium

Tomorrow if Shah Rukh Khan buys a ticket for India – New Zealand match and enters the stadium as a spectator, will the stadium authorities push him out? Tomorrow if Shah Rukh Khan enters the Wankhade Stadium as a shareholder of Reliance Industries, will the authorities drive him out? I don’t think the ban decision will stand scrutiny in the eyes of the law.

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abithewriter profile image

abithewriter 4 years ago from india

nothing will happen to him by this ban. legal action should took against him. with out considering his status.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Yes I agree with you fully.

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