IPL Season 6 schedule

If you are a cricket fan, how can you miss the thrill and entertainment offered by IPL 6. IPL 6 is starting on 4th April 2012 and will continue till 27th May 2012. You can expect a number of records to be broken this year as a number of new youngsters will also join this season. The previous 5 seasons were already success full and thus IPL 2012 is also stetting a lot of attention in advance.This post provides detailed IPL season 6 schedule so that you son not miss your favorite matches.

How To remain Updated About the IPL season 6

You can get the detailed information about IPL 6 from the official website of IPL.Here is the link for the official website:

IPL official website

The official website not only provides information about the match schedules and time table, you can also know about the ticket availability, recent comments of cricketers, the updates in the season, IPL opening ceremony and much more.

Benefits of having schedule for IPL

The most important benefit is that it will save your time. Again, if you are aware of the timetable, it ensures that you do not miss your favorite matches and can watch your favorite cricketers in respective teams. Since the board exams are getting over, it is a nice idea to replace your exam time table with the IPL time table.

I hope this post will help you to keep track of all the matches in IPL 2012 thus saving your precious time.I will keep updating this post as the season progresses. If you have any doubt or questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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vijay 4 years ago

add more teams next session

pranith 4 years ago

doni is a big zero

khaja 4 years ago

and adam gilchrist is a hero kx11p rocks and as dc as well for sanga

ankit 4 years ago

delhi daredevils is winner of this year

abdullah 4 years ago

kkr is my favourite because of brendon and gambhir but i think again csk will win

shreyash 4 years ago

Csk is the looser and bhondu

Velagam 4 years ago

DC planning for ipl6 to buy best batsmans and best bowlers like steyn

ud 4 years ago

mumbai indians will win ipl 5

R.S.SAI TEJA 4 years ago


S.K Gupta 4 years ago

KKR is the best team but CSK is fissidi

MEHUL 4 years ago

KKR is the worst team in IPL


ansh 4 years ago

i think kkr will win in this season

harsha 4 years ago

i like india team very much but in ipl csk is my favorate

harsha 4 years ago

csk will win in ipl 5 kkr will lose

bhargavi bajpai 4 years ago

i like india team but i don't like chennai, i think so this final i am supporting kkr! Next time Mi will take trophy home. I hope More teams will come in ipl 6. I like Mi!

Bhargavi Bajpai 4 years ago

All csk supportors beware!! Sachin is hero and best and Dhoni is zero! :)

And Mi will take revenge! So please beware!:)

Aaron 4 years ago

Jitegi bhai jitegi MI IPL6 jitegi.

ram 4 years ago

csk is the best team

shubham maheswari 4 years ago

Kkr win.....csk chill

shubham saraf 4 years ago

its gud that kkr won but all the teams shuld try their besr to win all the ipl season nd make the history......

but dont wrry ppl wen ew read this cmnt i finish watching the match nd startd enjoying.....

Aamir 4 years ago

Bhai ab ipl pe kkr raj karenga

mridul 4 years ago

dhoni is a looser

Mark 123 4 years ago

add bhopal next time. like a boss.

treta 4 years ago

IPL season 6 RCB hi jeetegi !!!!!!!!!!

shivam sharma 4 years ago

only CSK will lift the ipl-6 trophy for the 3rd time, when captain cool MSD will hit 130m six on the last ball of ipl-6

santosh 4 years ago

dd is my favourite team because viru is very strong and i think nxt year defenitely dd will win and i can enjoy thanks viru great entertainment

ram 4 years ago

sachin is a big looser

chulbull 4 years ago

kkr is a champion

czar 4 years ago

csk will rock dis time.........with d last ball six by bravo !!!!!

Haidarharooni 4 years ago

Banglor winner this year

ACQUARIUS 4 years ago

kkr is the greatest team with king of bollywood i like it very much

CHANDI DAS 4 years ago


chinmay 4 years ago

csk bhaut baar semi final me aayi hai aur final me aayi hai ab delhi ya mumbai ki baari

Karim hassan 4 years ago

Well if any team take afg players inshallah the will win the 6 season .

Like hamid hassan karim sadiq mohammad nabi mohammad shehzad

We just want to see theme in playing and get some experience

plz plz

Omkar 4 years ago

kkr rocksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

RIZWAN KHAN 4 years ago

kkr rocks

amit yadav 4 years ago

champion leage me kkr ki aukat pata chalegi

SAI 4 years ago


shaamir faneeband 4 years ago

Dc will not come for IPL 6 for sure

shaamir faneeband 4 years ago

this time no one can win against rcb

shaamir faneeband 4 years ago

A hero is a zero

Praveen 4 years ago

CSK is the best, it is fabulous team

uday 3 years ago

rcb ipl 6 winner hai koi rok sek toh rok le

yash 3 years ago

abbe !gadho sab bakwaas ipl ki winner rcb !rcb! rcb!

RCB! rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!

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