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I would first ask you a question? Can you ever name a place where every celebrity from Shivamani to Preeti Zinta comes together for a common reason? I'm sure you wouldn't be able to answer this question of mine if Lalit Modi had not initiated the ever famous and rocking IPL T20 series. Yes! I'm telling you the impact if the massive marriage between Cricket and glamour and it's luminous effect on the world, Indian Cricket and you and me. Where else would you see Dhoni give a six to Shivamani's beats as the Bollywood Badshah SRK cheers for his team? Does this all seem like a dream? Yes! The IPL is a dream come true for me and you, the IPL has everything you like short and crisp matches, huge amounts of money and of course and ever glamorous and gorgeous cheerleaders.

The Indian Premier League had everything from Shane Warne's bowling skills to Shilpa Shetty's ballet skills. It is an amazing and mind blowing combination of Cricket, glamour and lot s of drama. After 44 days of Cricket of glitterati and non-stop Cricketing action, it's time to figure out what kind of memeories and footprints it has etched in the heats of millions of fans. Look at it any way - it was a hit, fully packed stadiums, soaring TRP's and of course the odd controversies that made this new version of Cricket take rapid strides in its very first year. The IPL provided an opportunity for young players to show case their talents to a Global audience.

From Don Bradman to Dhoni, Cricket has come a long way.. From Shilpa Shetty to SRK, IPL stands for fame, glamour, money and power. For a few pieces of silver the game of Cricket has been transferred by starting the IPL. One of the interesting features if the IPL is that the players are auctioned in the USD, raising the standard if the cricketers to that of the Hollywood stars. The IPL's trophy is the most expensive in the world and has diamonds, rubies and yellow sapphires embedded on it. Another interesting feature of the IPL is the marriage of Bollywood stars to the Cricket teams. But half of them know nothing about Cricket.


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SpiffyD profile image

SpiffyD 5 years ago from The Caribbean

Unfortunately, the new face is getting stuffed. Too many teams and too much cricket. To think that this wasn't even the BCCI's idea. They had to snuff out the Indian Cricket League and takeover the concept. They could have tried something other than Indian Premier League, since that's a poor imitation of the English Premier League name (now Barclay's Premier League).

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