IPL V – Kolkata Knight Riders Vs Delhi Daredevils

Sehwag made a useful contribution

Paid the Price for Dropping Shakib

Paid the Price for Dropping Shakib
Paid the Price for Dropping Shakib

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IPL V – Kolkata Knight Riders Vs Delhi Daredevils

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Kolkata, West Bengal, India
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IPL V – Kolkata Knight Riders Vs Delhi Daredevils

Truncated Match Was Still Interesting

Paid the Price for Dropping Shakib

Kolkata Knight Riders paid the price for dropping the high-profile Shakib Al Hasan from the team. Shakib had been in tremendous form in the recently concluded Asian Cup in Bangladesh. It was his contribution mainly that took Bangladesh to the final. Will any team drop such a talented player from the team? I agree that there are rules governing the inclusion of foreign players in the team. Each team in the IPL is permitted to play only four foreign players. But even this rule does not justify dropping of Shakib. Had Shakib been included, KKR would have won the match. Shakib would have contributed and the total would have gone up by 15 to 20 runs in the truncated match. That would have made a difference to the Delhi Daredevils in the end.

Truncated Match Was Still Interesting

The match itself was truncated to a 12 overs each match because of rain. The crowd waited patiently for the match to commence. Eden Gardens wore a festive mood yesterday night. Imagine, had Saurav Ganguly been the captain of KKR, how much more enthusiastic the crowd would have been. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Benerjee visited the stadium and she came round the field to greet the cheering crowd. She was accompanied by the KKR owner Sharukh Khan. Bollywood association has added to the glamour of cricket which is already the most glamorous game in India.

Gautam Gambhir Disappointed

At one stage it appeared like Gautam Gambhir would contribute significantly to the team’s total. In a 12 over match, a score of something around 120 would have been a winning total for KKR. But unfortunately the KKR batsmen did not apply their minds to tackle the dedicated bowling of Delhi Daredevils. They succumbed under pressure. In the end, it was left to Shukla to indulge in some big hitting to make a respectable total.

Irfan Pathan Contributed In the End

Delhi Daredevils replied and started hitting out at Brett Lee. Now-a-days, it seems anybody can blast at Lee. His old magic seems to have been gone. Sehwag played a subdued role though he hit a big six to cheer the crowd. Sehwag gets the applause of the crowd wherever he plays. Such is his personality. When Sehwag departed, there was a distinct chance for the KKR to clinch the match. Scoring 47 runs off 32 balls was still a challenge for the Delhi Daredevils. But in the end, Irfan Pathan played sensibly to steer Delhi Daredevils to a well deserved victory. This victory was made possible because of the deep foundation laid out by the Australian batsman Aaron Finch who made 30 off 27 balls with five boundary hits.

KKR Has Itself to Blame

KKR has to blame itself for the defeat. At least sense should dawn on the selectors to include Shakib in the team. In all the previous IPL tournaments except last year, the KKR team had been made to look like a bunch of toddlers. This year it should not miss the opportunity of winning the competition with the help of Shakib.


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