In-Fighters: Golfs best Educators? Part one of Three

Consider this - how does the teacher get inside to educate the student’s inside moves? Could it be that the teacher/student In golf resemble Ball Room Dancing? Does the inside move the outside? Could it be that the best teachers of golf’s energy and motion are “ in-fighters”? Could it be that the poor ones are “track and field “? They run around a lot!

In golf, could it be that those who “know how to educate” - equip themselves with tools that aid oneself full circle? An example of this is the use of the Swing Doctor - a teaching aid that works full circle, all golf clubs.

As a fighter - who’s in your corner? Does your teacher educate from the inside or outside, or both inside and outside?. Will the student take education, and work from the inside or outside ie., ones center - the core, or the perimeter - the club head?

Can one become skillful - inside and outside as a teacher? What of the vortex of energy ( the hands ), that ties the inside and outside energy together? Don’t confuse the teacher with the student here!

The Swing Doctor’s main purpose is at the transition point of the backward and forward motion, but not to be denied is the Swing Doctors effectiveness from start to finish .

Like clubs that fit the golfer - like shoes that fit the feet - so does the Swing Doctor fit each individual, and each individual fits the occasion with the weapon of choice - whether it be the wedge or driver and anything in-between.

But what of the student? “To have one learn you must know who it is being taught”. said an Eastern Indian teacher, as she addressed a 1991 WPGA seminar: a class of golf professionals.

She said,“Your language can draw out just as does the Latin word “educare” means “ to draw out from what’s within”.
“How ?“, you ask. “ You must use correct language”, she said.

The Indian teacher’s neurolinguistic programing class was set to prepare educators in the fine art of golf, by finding and defining who their students are, and students acquiring who they are through the right questions provided by the best teachers.


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