In-Fighters: Golf's best Educators Part two of three

Swing Doctor

Neurolinguistic program’s three forms of being taught are through listening, visualization, or kinetic qualities each of which may be of a greater value than the other. To capture the correct formula for the correct person is desirable.

“ If you use language that causes a student to say, “ I hear what
you’re saying, Jack”. You’ll know their strong suit is listening.
If one says, “ I see what you mean, Jack”, then one is visual, but if one says, “Give me the club Jack “ - “feel” is their domain and kinesthetic is their strong suit.

Once one knows who one is teaching neurolinguistically - what of physiology? How much are you right handed? How much are you left handed? Are you ambidextrous? What is your eye dominance? Are you left eye dominant or right eye dominant?

How does eye dominance affect ones alignment procedure? We know if you are left eye dominant you best know your secondary target! If you don’t - a left eye dominant right hand swinger will line up to the right of their target. As one looks to their target, the left eye will rearrange what it sees ie., trapped in a diagonal state. As one readies for their shot - if you look more then once seeking your target - you will perceive alignment to the right!

In 1994, the intellect was having more “say” in Furyk’s swing than the physiologically dominant left eye had! In Hawaii, the PGA Tour’s TV camera captured Furyk’s left eye aligning a putt, and with that understanding, the non-cocked head position of a left eyed dominant right hand player answered the manipulative “loop” in his swing

Fifteen years later one may ask, “ Has the eye gained ground on the intellect? The answer is - “ Yes”. A melding of space had been resourced from the repetition of doing - in the height of battle, as one interacts with the moment designing the creativity of the shot. The loop has receded, and the natural state of ones vision has reclaimed the inevitable,
Will your golf swing look like Jim Furyk’s because of not cocking your head to the right to see the ball with the dominant left eye? The cocking had been done by two other left eye dominant golf professionals, Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus. It’s evident that the choice to cock or not to cock ones head have made physiological eye similarities vanish when observing three great players using eye dominance to structure their “center” and swing perfomance differently. The choice of cocked head in static posture (Hogan and Nicklaus) before the swing begins, or like Furyk does - find the ball to be looked at as the swing begins to move, a linear rather than circular energy beginning.


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