In-Fighters:Golf's best Educators ? Part Three

Putting Rod

Steve Stricker
Steve Stricker

The point is, know  who you are, and knowing who you are can make the choice for the over-all good!   “The “center” of anything is small” , said 1960’s Touring Professional, Bobby Nichols.  Starting from “center” in a fourteen golf club system, and on variable lie angles of the golf courses terrain is truely a test.

Chicago’s Craig Young - Natural Golf School asks, “ What part are you missing?  What did I miss?   How can the ocean escape from the wave?”  Craig is an in-fighter.  He knows to communicate and we are not all the same.  Will it be “feel” - kenetic?  Will it be visual?  Are you listening?  Are you all  of these?  Which is the way today?

Dennis Tiziani is Steve Stricker’s father-in-law, but he’s a hidden exemplar.  His inside fighting you won’t see coming.  In fact you will probably figure you’ve figured “it” yourself. 

Once at Cherokee C.C. I had been brazen enough to interupt a practice session of Steve and Dennis, and Dennis was definitely working from the in-side.  The two of them were grappling with the zone of the “hit”.  We’ll give the ball 12 O’Clock - before the “strike” 10 O’Clock, and after the “strike” 2 O’Clock.  It was in the area of 2 O’Clock.  The toe of the club was moving too slowly.  The energy needed a lower flight pattern of the ball, and Dennis was “in-side” delivering the information - hands-on.

The Swing Doctor I had with me.  In fact, it was after the WPGA meeting that this opportunity presented itself.  I took it.  The S.D. delays the “hit”, and sets the angle of attack for 13 golf clubs.

How can a single club attribute contribute to the over-all networking of ones complete set of golf clubs?   An example is Stricker’s positioning of his putter.  It has been a topic reviewed by many announcers on TV during tournament play.  If the putter were not positioned on the toe - heel up and off the ground wouldn’t there be disparity to the other 13?  Wideness of arc extended from Steve’s “center” encouraging late wrist cock witnessed in the other 13 clubs - is helped with the putter set-up.  Why not?  Golf is a game of clubs.  Stay connected.


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