India and Australia Cricket controversy. What people are saying?

Harbhajan Singh
Harbhajan Singh

For India

Board of Control for Cricket in India: The ban is totally uncalled for, unjustified and patently illegal. The working committee reiterated that the ban imposed on Harbhajan is totally unacceptable.

Malcolm Speed, ICC chief executive: There is a process in place for appeals and Harbhajan has appealed. We can't have one set of rules for the India team and another set for everyone else.

Wasim Akram: We didn't behave like cry babies and go running to the officials every time something was said out in the middle. Australia do it constantly and more than anyone else so how they can complain about the behaviour of other teams, I don't know.

Derek Pringle: The Aussies have been sledging and abusing players with little censure for years, so there will be some sympathy towards Harbhajan for standing up to them. But in a world where racial friction can cause the death and destruction now being seen in Kenya, its use on a sports field is unacceptable, regardless of the provocation.

The Times of India: The cricketing world and the public rose up in anger at the treatment meted out to Team India but justice has been done. We've won. Not the Test series, but at least a moral victory. Steve Bucknor has been removed from officiating and Harbhajan has been cleared to play pending his appeal.

Pakistan coach, Geoff Lawson: There's certainly been a lot of feeling from explayers who think the baggy green has been disrespected. Some of these current players need to be spoken to. I was pretty disappointed.

John Bertrand: The pressure to win out on the field has become too hot, and that pressure is all about winning at all costs. The fall-out that we are seeing at the moment is not acceptable. We believe Australia's Test team moral compass needs to be retuned.

Neil Harvey: Certainly the captain needs to be stronger and keep his guys in line. He needs to look at himself.

Ricky Ponting,Australian captain
Ricky Ponting,Australian captain

For Australia

Nasser Hussain: Anyone who played with or against me knows I was not against sledging, as long as it was done in the right way. But if Harbhajan called a member of the opposition a 'monkey' or used any sort of racial abuse I would say to him: Sorry, you are on your own.

Mike Selvey: Replacing Bucknor for the Test in Perth has little to do with his skills and much to do with simple expediency - a way to appease India and ensure that the tour and series are able to continue. Whom next will the players bully out of a job.

The Independent: India might be all too willing to show their clout as the game's economic powerbase but it is the past they are truly railing against. Until not long ago, it was the custom for the likes of England and Australia to patronise all other countries."

The Australian newspaper: The Indian board's stance amounts to attempted blackmail and it cannot be tolerated. Holding the game to ransom in such a way is arrogant and bad sportsmanship.

Neutral statements

James Sutherland, Cricket Australia chief: Test cricket is what is being played here, it's not tiddly winks. It's a tough game and out there from time to time emotions will boil over.

The Australian: While they consider themselves fair if hardnosed and aggressive professionals a growing number of observers see them as exceptional cricketers given to boorish, arrogant and ungracious behavior.

John Buchanan: Those who suggest Australian and Indian players in this series have not been playing in the spirit of the game, are showing their ignorance of how we have been born into cricket.

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MrMarmalade profile image

MrMarmalade 8 years ago from Sydney

I think your hub shows great balance.

I think that my amazement is not what the players do and say. (although I never had the feeling that India play with passion only for the draw)

The annoyance is that big brother in the name of BCCI are blackmailing ICC with "we will go home." Let them take their bat and ball home and stop acting like rude children. See how much money they will lose.

Sure they put in most of the money in the world for cricket. Sometimes you lose and sometimes you win.

I do not believe Mr. Bucknor should ever have been chosen. He had retired. He should have his eyes and ears tested.

May be BCCI should put some of their money into scientific means of stopping all this controversy.

This is a game not war.

Stop the burning effigies of the people who hurt you. That is where these people show passion acting like spoilt children

I thought your hub was excellent.

Rudra profile image

Rudra 8 years ago Author

Thanks for your kind words.

BCCI pays in 70% to ICC so money therefore speaks. Its like the United Nations, USA pumps money into it therefore UN listens while other countries don’t really count.

Once it said that it will leave and set up another international cricket body and that would mean disaster. Many countries may even actually join it, e.g. Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, West Indies, Fiji, Canada, The Netherlands and Bangladesh. This means England, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia might have to play between themselves. Although this analysis may be wrong, it could happen.

As for Steve Bucknor, he had had problems with India in the past as well. English umpire Dickie Bird advised Bucknor to call it a day and even favored India on this issue. As for calling names, it should have remained on the field. BCCI had to support their players while Cricket Australia with Ponting.

Personally, the 3rd empire should player a bigger role in some decisions.

Good the game is on.

MrMarmalade profile image

MrMarmalade 8 years ago from Sydney

An aside with a different game. Although an Australian Player, nothing to do with cricket

This is tennis and Lleyton Hewitt fumed because the Umpires, in his opinion erred.

Patrick Gerry believed that 11 of the top 24 Chair umpires at the Tennis Australian Open pre the 2006 games were tested by him and he found that poor depth perception, was in accurate. This is critical about judging whether a ball is in or out.

Maybe the BCCI should put some of their vaunted funds in checking out all Umpires for depth perception. This could be the ideal funding source of a new brand of cricket.

Thank you

pkc3000 8 years ago

The recent tour of Team India to Australia is not conducive. Team India is always regarded as gentlemen team, whereas australia is always regarded as aggrassive team . Histroy witnesses the birth of ashes cup. Australis always thought that they are superior amongst all cricket playing country. Though it is true that they have produced great legend players such as sir bradman and others. I don't think bhajji had told money to andrew symonds, if he uttered this word there must be some reasons behind it either australian players might have used such a vulgar or abusive languages or they have used unparliamentary comments which might have provoked/irritated bhajji . But ICC match referee Mike procter's judgement/comments on the subject while trial is not at all justified. He had listen one side i.e. australia butnot paid any heed to bhajji. No umpire has listen, no indian players, who were in the field and beside bhajji has listen such work, how mike procter justifies his stand by banning bhajji. Thanks god that thematter was taken up by BCCI and after intervening the ban was lifted and fir/impartial enquiry was ordered by NZ. Some newspaper of australis published report that ricky ponting the present captian of australia is a very mild , soft sopken and good gentleman. The publisher might have forgotten the scene when ricky was in India & in the presentation ceremony how he behaved with BCCI President , who is Minster .

Rajendran 8 years ago

Vethu veatu cricket

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