India versus Pakistan One Day Match at Chennai – Preview

Indian Batsmen in Good Nick

Indian Batsmen in Good Nick
Indian Batsmen in Good Nick | Source

A Fight between Lord Allah and Lord Balaji

India-Pakistan One Day Match

India is taking on Pakistan in the first of the three one day matches at Chepauk Stadium Chennai tomorrow (30.12.12) at 2.30 pm IST. Spectator response is tremendous. Crowds have flocked to the stadium to get tickets. The fans are prepared to pay any price for getting tickets. But the authorities are making poor arrangement. There is no parking space for cars and two wheelers inside the stadium (except for VIP cars). Fans are not allowed to carry their food and snacks and are forced to cough up huge money to get sub-standard eatables inside the stadium. This huge looting goes to fill the coffers of the cricket authorities.

Indian Batsmen in Good Nick

Coming to the match, India is expected to make include Virender Sehwag in the squad instead of Rahane. Sehwag can play a blitzkrieg and win a match single handed on his day. Indian batsmen are in good form. Yuvraj Singh is a match winner. His innings of 72 off 36 balls with seven sixes in the last T-20 match against Pakistan is the talking point now. Gautam Gambhir can give a good stand and at times accelerate the score also. It is a pity that Rahane who is in good touch has to make way for Sehwag. If he is retained, I will be happy. Dhoni and Raina are in good nick. They can start scoring fast right from the word go.

Indian Bowlers Lack Penetration

But it is the bowling department that India lacks sorely. Indian spinners do not pose any problem to the opponents anymore. India has Harbhajan Singh (who is not in the present squad), Ravichandran Ashwin, Chawla and Oja. But all of them are worn out and are battered all over the field. Bhuvneshwar Kumar struck form in his T-20 debut against Pakistan by claiming 3 quick wickets and conceding very few runs but in the second match he was hit. Anyway it is too early to pass a judgement about him. In fact India can well bring back Zaheer Khan. He might have lost his ability to take wickets but he will contain the runs. He will be particularly useful to bowl the 49th or 50th over at a crucial moment. But right now selectors have dropped him which is a pity.

Pakistan Fielding Is Electrifying

Pakistan batsmen and bowlers are in good shape. Its skipper Mohammed Hafeez is in great form and has bagged the player of the series award in the recently concluded T-20 series by scoring two superb half centuries. The first one took his side to victory and the second one almost made a victory possible for Pakistan. Afridi is capable of tearing any attack to pieces in a one day match. Ajmal made a good impact in the first T-20 match. The tall Mohammed Irfan is an asset for Pakistan. India will have to play carefully to tackle these penetrative bowlers. Careless strokes can cost India dearly as the first T-20 match proved when 9 Indian wickets collapsed within no time after a good opening partnership between Gambhir and Rahane. Pakistan fielding is also electrifying. They are capable of throwing direct hits to run out Indian batsmen. Gambhir is particularly vulnerable for run outs.

A Fight between Lord Allah and Lord Balaji

In the first T-20 match, Pakistan skipper Mohammed Hafeez invoked Lord Allah after he won. This aroused the religious sentiments of the Hindu fans. They regarded the second T-20 match as a fight between Lord Allah and Lord Balaji. The two Gods fought bitterly at Ahmedabad and at last Lord Balaji won. Hafeez was silent. The Pakistan captain should realise that when he attributes a victory as a proof of Allah’s superiority, he should also acknowledge in defeat the inferiority of Lord Allah before other gods. This is sorely lacking in Pakistan captain. Anyway he has kindled the religious sentiments of the people and the coming one day series will be taken as a fight between Lord Allah and Lord Balaji. Who will win? Lord Allah or Lord Balaji? Who is the most superior God? It will be decided in the pitch during the cricket match. Muslims and Hindus are eager to find out.


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