India vs SriLanka Odi match at Adelaide

India versus Sri Lanka One Day Match at Adelaide

India versus Sri Lanka One Day Match at Adelaide

M S Dhoni is the best finisher of a match in the world today
M S Dhoni is the best finisher of a match in the world today | Source

India versus Sri Lanka One Day Match at Adelaide

The Tied Match Was One Of The Best I Have Seen

What a fantastic finish this match was! The match looked like sliding towards India’s or Sri Lanka’s way at one time or other. That the match ultimately ended in a tie is a really satisfactory result as both sides had fought hard for the honours to be shared. Tantalising situations made me to sit on the edge of my chair while watching it on TV. The see-saw produced thrilling moments. Sangakkara looked like having all the time in the world to hold an easy catch to dismiss Ashwin, but only to drop it. One could not believe that Sangakkara had dropped such a sitter. But of course it did not cost Sri Lanka much as the batsman was soon out.

Dhoni Is A True Asset For Indian Cricket

India’s captain M S Dhoni lived upto his reputation of a fantastic finisher. This is a quality which very few players possess and still fewer captains have. Gundappa Viswanath was not afraid of any situation and did not buckle under pressure. He had saved or drawn many matches for India, playing under great pressure. After Gundappa Viswanath, I can recollect the names of some players who could play under pressure and produce results. They were Robin Singh, Rahul Dravid, Yuvraj Singh and now Dhoni. It was Dhoni who won the match for India in the World Cup finals (of course others contributed a great deal). Dhoni seems to be not buckling under captaincy pressure while batting. This is another great quality in him. Many excellent players have suffered in their batting because of captaincy pressure. It is a happy situation for India that Dhoni is above all these things.

Sangakkara’s Shoes Should Be Checked

Gautam Gambhir was again distinctly unlucky to miss his century. He was run out in the nervous nineties. If one has to pick up a poor runner between the wickets in the Indian team, my vote goes to Gautam Gambhir. In the last year’s World Cup Cricket also he showed the same trend. Captain Dhoni should give Gambhir running practice in the nets instead of batting practice hereafter. Sangakkara was run out in the last match against Australia as he slipped while running. The same thing happened to the then Indian captain Ajit Wadekar on the final day of the historic Oval Test in 1971 against England. Wadekar and Viswanath were not out overnight and Indian fans were expecting the two to take India to victory. But in the very first over of next day, Wadekar was run out, dashing all hopes of the Indian fans. It was later found out that Wadekar was wearing rubber shoes and slipped while running. Inspite of this, India won that Oval Test and won the series against Ray Illingworth’s England side because of Gundappa Viswanath’s outstanding innings. That is a different story. Jayawardene should verify whether Sangakkara was wearing rubber shoes and if found guilty, should take action against him.

One Should Retire When Asked ‘Why’ And Not When Asked ‘Why Not’

Sachin disappointed all. Whether the time has come to drop Tendulkar from Indian team permanently seems to be lingering in everybody’s mind, but nobody is bold enough to express it. But, for all the services done by the Master to the Indian team during the last twenty three years, it will be ingratitude not to give Sachin that final chance to complete his hundredth hundred. I pray God that Sachin should get it sooner than later. Sunil Gavaskar once said that one should retire when everybody is asking why and not when everybody is asking why not. Gavaskar retired at the peak form and even in his last test scored 96 runs in Bangalore. I wish Sachin also should retire on a high note. Sachin is like God to millions of his Indian fans including me and I do not like to see him axed from the team on grounds of non-performance. But resting him once in a while under the rotation policy for giving chance to Rohit Sharma is quite okay and justified.

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A Thriller That Made One to Fall from The Edge Of The Chair

Dinesh  Chandimal has  excellent future.
Dinesh Chandimal has excellent future. | Source

A Thriller That Made One to Fall from The Edge Of The Chair

It Is Not The Age, But The Performance That Should Count

Coming to Rohit Sharma, he disappointed again by getting run out. While the young Dinesh Chandimal is succeeding in almost every match for Sri Lanka, Rohit is failing almost every time. But still, Dhoni has confidence in him. Dhoni never takes foolish decisions. He is a sensible captain and I believe he has some reason to persist with Rohit Sharma. But if Rohit Sharma fails continuously, Dhoni may be under pressure to drop him. It is not age that counts in cricket or for that matter in any sports. It is the performance that matters. Don Bradman gave a chance to Iverson at the age of 49 (the oldest player ever to make test debut) in 1946 against England because he had confidence in Iverson’s performance. Of course, Don Bradman was not a fool and Iverson justified Bradman’s faith in him by taking lot of wickets in that series.

Bobby Simpson Was Recalled From Retirement After Ten Years

In 2015 when the next World Cup is due, Sachin will be 42 years old. But at the age of 42 if Sachin is playing well, why should we drop him from the side simply because he is aged? After all ageing is only a mental process and not a physical one. An old man may be mentally young and active. A young man may be lethargic, lazy and fit for nothing because mentally he has aged. Cricket history tells us that aged people have also performed well. Bobby Simpson was recalled in 1978 to captain Australia in the midst of Kerry Packer’s World Series Cricket which attracted all the talented Australian players and made them unavailable for the official test cricket. Bobby Simpson had already announced his retirement from cricket in 1968 and was watching TV at home happily. When the call came, Simpson accepted it and scored many runs against Bishen Singh Bedi’s India including a double century. Colin Cowdrey, the aged player, was able to take the thunderbolts of Denis Lillee better than any young England player in the 1974 series.

For Rohit Sharma, It Is A Do Or Die Battle

Therefore, there is an end to this policy of encouraging youngsters at the cost of performing seniors. Rohit Sharma should understand it. At the high level cricket, you either perform or quit. Millions or people are watching your performance in stadium, in TV and in the Internet.

Had It Not Been Malinga, Dhoni Would Have Finished The Match

For Sri Lanka, apart from Dinesh Chandimal, captain Jayawardene chipped in with useful contribution of 44. Sangakkara also added useful runs. It was a good move on the part of the Sri Lankan captain to ask Malinga to bowl the final over. Had it been any other bowler, Dhoni would have finished the match for India with a couple of balls to spare.

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TwilightDream profile image

TwilightDream 4 years ago from Chennai, India

As I voted in the poll here, M.S.Dhoni is the finest finisher now through the entire cricket world. Nobody can deny that statement. Very fantastic tie match to watch. Thanks for your views about Sachin here.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear TwilightDream,

I thank you for your valuable comments. I agree with your views fully.

Best wishes to you,

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