India versus SriLanka One Day Match at Brisbane – Who Will Win?

Will Sehwag be in full flow tomorrow?

Will Rohit Sharma play in tomorrow's match?

If Sehwag discards the rotation policy, Rohit Sharma cannot play in the Indian team in tomorrow's match against Sri Lanka
If Sehwag discards the rotation policy, Rohit Sharma cannot play in the Indian team in tomorrow's match against Sri Lanka | Source

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Will Seheag continue rotation policy?

A Wounded Tiger Is Most Dangerous

I wrote about the last Australia versus India match at Brisbane and predicted that India would have more chances of a win as Australia was entering the match as underdogs for the first time. But my prediction failed. A wounded tiger is the most dangerous thing in the forest. It will pounce upon its enemy or prey the moment opportunity comes. The same thing had happened with regard to Australia. India was massacred at Brisbane.

No Predictions for Tomorrow’s Match

But for tomorrow’s match, I am not making any predictions not because I am afraid to do so, but because the two sides are really evenly poised. The last match between the two teams in Sydney resulted in a spectacular tie and thrilled everyone. Dhoni was till the end giving hopes of a thrilling finish. But in tomorrow’s match, Dhoni will not be playing as he has been banned by the ICC for one match because of the slow over rate of Indian bowlers in their last match against Australia.

Will Sehwag Retain The Rotation Policy?

The absence of Dhoni from the match will no doubt be an advantage to Sri Lanka as Dhoni has proved to be an attacking batsman and a good finisher of the game even under immense pressure. But at the same time, Dhoni’s absence brings other possibilities to the Indian team selection. Will Virender Sehwag, the captain for tomorrow’s match, follow the rotation policy to accommodate Rohit Sharma? Or will he simply prefer to retain the best eleven in the side and discard the rotation policy? This is an interesting question. Sehwag, no doubt, has the full freedom to do whatever he wants regarding team selection as he is the captain of the side.

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Malinga can wreck havoc for India in the absence of Dhoni

Everything Is In the Hands of Malinga
Everything Is In the Hands of Malinga | Source

India versus Sri Lanka One Day Match at Brisbane – Who Will Win?

I Want Sachin to Be Retained

I had supported Dhoni’s policy of giving support to the youngsters. But now the stage has come wherein one has to think whether Rohit Sharma should be retained in the side inspite of his continuous non performance. This applies to Sachin also but I like to retain Sachin for one or two more matches to see whether he performs well.

Health Issues Galore

But there are health issues also. Sehwag is said to be not fully fit from his back ache. Sachin Tendulkar is scheduled to undergo a scan. Therefore there are chances that both Sehwag and Sachin may not play in tomorrow’s match in addition to Dhoni. If this happens, the composition of the Indian team will be vastly different from what we know at present.

Sri Lankan Top Batsmen Are In Good Nick

Sri Lankan top batsmen Jayawardene, Dinesh Chandimal, Sangakkara and Dilshan are in good nick. They will find easy to handle Indian bowling. India can experiment by including Ravichandran Ashwin in the squad as he had some effect in checking the Sri Lankan batsmen in the first match the two teams played. Ashwin also won the man-of-the-match award for that match. But with the current form the Sri Lankan batsmen are in, it is unlikely that Ashwin will have any marked effect on them. But still, there is no harm in trying.

Everything Is In the Hands of Malinga

As is always the case, Lasith Malinga will have to give Sri Lanka a good start in the bowling department by taking early Indian wickets. In the last match against Australia, Dhoni exhausted all the ten overs of Zaheer Khan, India’s main bowlers in the initial stages. This was a poor strategy in one day matches. Malinga will be undoubtedly preserved to bowl the last two or three overs. In fact India could only tie the last match and not win only because the last over was bowled by Malinga. Had it been any other bowler, Dhoni would have hit the winning shot. Alternatively it can be said that Sri Lanka could only tie and not win the match because Dhoni was at the crease. Had it been any other Indian batsman, Malinga would have cart wheeled his stumps.


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