India versus Sri Lanka One Day Match at Hobart

Now Kohli can enjoy

Virat Kohli played a masterly innings

Virat  Kohli cut loose all the bowlers to  win the match for India
Virat Kohli cut loose all the bowlers to win the match for India | Source

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India Wins a Thriller

I Am Unable To Believe That It Happened!

Nobody would have imagined that India would put up such a stiff fight and take the Sri Lankan challenge at the scruff of its neck. What a match, it was. What a great finish the Indians had! Even now while writing this article, I am unable to believe my own eyes that it all happened. I thought after the match was over that everything was a dream. I pinched my hands to confirm whether it was real or a dream. The pinch pained my hands. The pain was sweet. Yes, the Indian victory was very much real and sweet. The Indians deserve appreciation for not only winning the match, but for the way the victory was achieved.

I Thought India Would Lose This Match and Return Home Early

Usually I always write about a forthcoming cricket match in which India is involved one or two days before. I receive a good readership for my write-ups about the cricket matches and I enjoy it. But for the first time, I did not write any article about today’s match before it took place. The reason was that I thought all was over for India and they had to return home after this match. Of course, I did know that a theoretical chance existed for India if they defeated Sri Lanka with a bonus point. But I did not care about this as it was quite unlikely that India would even win the match, let alone winning it with a bonus point. But in the end, the unbelievable thing happened, thereby proving once again that cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties.

India Wisely Chose To Bowl First

For readers who do not know, bonus point is a system in which you bowl out your opponents for less than 80% of your score if you bat first or score the target in 40 overs or less. When India won the toss, it wisely opted to bowl first. Had it opted to bat first and scored say 250 runs, then it would have had to bowl out Sri Lanka for less than 200 runs which looked unlikely given the depth in the Lankan batting. Having chosen to bowl first, India banked upon its bowlers to bowl out Sri Lanka for around 250 runs, as it achieved against Australia in its last match even without its main bowler Zaheer Khan. Now that Zaheer has returned to the team after recovering from the calf muscle injury, one thought that the Indian bowlers would restrict Sri Lanka reasonably.

Sri Lanka Set a Stiff Target for India

But the expectation was defied when the Sri Lanka batsmen started hitting. They gave no respect to the Indian bowlers. Dilshan scored an unbeaten 150 plus and Sangakkara completed a fine century. With the Sri Lanka score crossing 300 runs, it was a lost case for India. Ultimately Sri Lanka set India a target of 321 to score in 40 overs or less to keep its chances alive in the triangular series.

India versus Sri Lanka One Day Match at Hobart

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Hobart TAS, Australia
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India versus Sri Lanka One Day Match at Hobart

Dilshan scored a magnificient century

Dilshan's  century failed to help Sri Lanka
Dilshan's century failed to help Sri Lanka | Source

India versus Sri Lanka One Day Match at Hobart

Gambhir Was Not Taught To Walk Properly By His Mother When He Was a Child

India was expected to start disastrously as was it prone to. Surprisingly, Sehwag and Tendulkar started attacking the Sri Lanka bowlers and flourished. Malinga was slaughtered by them. However, both the batsmen perished even before India could look comfortable. Gambhir and Virat Kohli plodded at every ball and the score started tickling with singles and twos. It was insufficient to reach the target. However the score started to move at a brisk pace. Gautam Gambhir does not know to walk or run properly as his mother had not trained him in his childhood. That is why he gets run out so often and this time was no exception. One cannot blame Gambhir for that. His mother deserves the blame.

Virat Kohli Excelled

Virat Kohli started to hit out in the company of Suresh Raina. His strokes were masterly and it looked like Ian Chappell was batting again. It was a treat for the small crowd at Hobart in Tasmania to watch. Kohli cut, pulled, drove and hooked the bowlers with gay abandon. The stadium crowd and the fans who watched the show in TV were mesmerised by Virat Kohli’s authoritative batting. Never in the innings did Kohli look vulnerable. There was never a dull moment when Kohli was in. Ultimately India achieved the victory target in 36.4 overs with Virat Kohli remaining unbeaten with a well made 133.

Warner and Clarke May Haul Up Malinga on Friday

What surprised me was the way Malinga was hauled up by the Indian batsmen and particularly Virat Kohli. Malinga is the main bower for Sri Lanka and always commands respect from the batsmen. It was Dhoni who tore Malinga to pieces in the last World Cup finals at Wankhade Stadium, Mumbai. I watched for the second time Malinga being assaulted in today’s match. Australians may be taking a cue from the Indians for their Friday’s match against Sri Lanka. If Warner and Clarke tear Malinga and Kulasekara in the same manner, Australia can easily win that match and that means India versus Australia finals! From a position of utter defeat and hopelessness, India’s fight back in this match is remarkable and all the Indian players deserve praise.

This Match Will Be Remembered and Talked About Forever

Sehwag and Tendulkar deserve appreciation for the wonderful start they gave to India. Gautam Gambhir deserves praise for steadying the innings. Raina deserves praise to stay put and give support to Kohli even while playing his shots freely. Virat Kohli deserves the biggest praise to make an impossible thing to happen. In the last match against Australia at Sydney, the Indian bowlers performed well but the batsmen failed to rise. In today’s match, the opposite happened. When the bowlers failed to deliver, the batsmen rose as a team to compensate and strike a victory which will be talked about forever in all cricket discussions. Kudos to India.

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TwilightDream 4 years ago from Chennai, India

Thanks for sharing your views about this 11th Match. More than India winning this match with Bonus Points and chance of entering into the finals (after watching the match on Friday)I liked the way you expressed your happiness about it. Keep writing!

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ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear TwilightDream,

I thank you for your valuable comments. I felt happy that my writing produced so much good effects. Thanks a lot for your complements.

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