India vs South Africa cricket series- Third Test

Tendulkar's 51st Century

Sachin takes a bow after his 51st century
Sachin takes a bow after his 51st century | Source

Third Test First Four Days

The third test was at Newlands was always going to be matter of pride for both India and South Aftrica. For India, the entire world's not convinced that India deserves to be the Top test team in the world. The South Africans are are the African Lions, the number two test team and want to be Number one. The South Africans have the tag of "Chokers", they find it difficult to win competitions. Thye want to get rid of the tag of "Chokers". they want to be the top team in the world. So you can imagine their horror in loosing the second test match to India, a team they have annhilated in the past on home soil and they handed out the same treatment to India in the first test. They want to desperately win this test and there is only one man..Jacques Kallis who can do it for them.

The first day started of quite well for India and SA and by the end of it, SA had scored 232 runs... They scored a total of 362 runs to wrap up their first innings primarily powered by a classical century by Jacques Kallis (that man is unstoppable). ..Indians did well to restrict SA, primarily because of Sreesanth's 5 wicket haul. The Indians Scored 364, taking a symbolic 2 run lead, powered by Sachin's tendulkars 51st century. (Will this man ever stop). The Fourth day saw India putting SA on the mat when they had them at 55 for 4 wkts down, but Mt Kallis has a habit of being a party pooper and his resolute innings (another century) got SA to 341, giving India a target of 340 to win, Bhajji contributing with a 7 wkt haul - On a pitch, which has something for the bowlers and batsmen alike, but both have to concentrate to win.

I must say that this is not what India had in mind because 340 is a challenging total on any pitch and I would say India has a 60-40 chance of winning it..To see what others feel about whether India shall win or not, just take the poll given below. Now we need to wait and watch for the Final see if India has the gumption to take SA on.

Who Will Win the Third Test between India and South Afrrca

Who will win the Third test match

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SpiffyD profile image

SpiffyD 5 years ago from The Caribbean

Cricket fans are still wonder whether India is the number one team in the world. That spot is likely to change hands frequently in the next few years.

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movingfinger 5 years ago Author may be correct..after Australia's domination for almost a decade..its not going to be easy for India to remain at the top but..I reckon they shall remain at the top for a larger part of this decade..

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