Introduction to Carp Fishing in Canada

Introduction to Carp Fishing in Canada

Carp can be found throughout most of Canada, and are considered a popular freshwater game fish by residents. There are resorts dedicated specifically to catching trophy pike, or an angler can choose to go solo and explore the lakes and rivers at his or her own leisure. The wide spread popularity of carp fishing makes finding fellow anglers or advice from experienced locals easy to find.  Carp can be found throughout the nation of Canada, and in virtually every body of water type, as well. These fish are common on both lakes and rivers, and the 2011 carp fishing championship is set to be held on the St. Lawrence River, which forms a natural boundary between the United States and Canada. Carp are even found in the most polluted of waters where other fish struggle to survive.  It's important to note that these are not Asian Carp, an invasive species, but more local grass carp and fish like the white amur that are in the carp family.

License Information

Fishing license rules vary from province to province, meaning the specific rules for Ontario are going to be different from Saskatchewan, and both will be different from British Columbia. There are different rules for residents and non residents, and expenses are also going to vary accordingly. It's always a good idea to check with locals to figure out what the actual license requirements are for the region before going out for a day on the water.  The type of fishing may also matter, as areas might have different requirements for speargun or bow fishing as opposed to actual rod and reel use.

Best Carp Fishing Equipment

The best equipment for carp fishing in Canada is using a combination of an open faced reel with medium to heavy action rod. Anglers will also want a higher grade of test line, a minimum of 12 pounds or higher. This combination gives anglers a rod and reel that can take the beating of fighting a large carp, while not being so stiff as to take away the fun of the fight. The large size that many Canadian carp grow to make this type of equipment necessary.

Big hooks are necessary for carp fishing in Canada. Unlike some other areas, carp are not elusive or shy. They're aggressive, and you don't want a 40 pound carp bending out a small hook. In the eastern provinces of Ontario and Quebec the Canadian Carp Club recommends boilies or maize. Unlike many other types of fishing, you don't want to be constantly casting and reeling. For carp, you set out several lines and wait for the moving groups of carp to come through your area looking for a meal.


If you're fishing in the wilderness, some of the lakes and rivers can be pretty isolated. Always carry around an emergency first aid kit, portable GPS system, survival kit, or other gear that could come in useful if things don't go as planned. It's always better safe than sorry.  If you're on a guided charter or fishing from a lodge then this is less of an issue, but still one your will want to keep under consideration.

Canada Carp Fishing Lodges

There are lodges dedicated specifically to catching trophy sized carp. These lodges are most common in Ontario and Quebec, but can also be found in other provinces. At these lodges services like arranging for a fishing license, cleaning, charters, and guides are all provided for visitors. Some are even on private lakes that are stocked to make sure the carp population is healthy.  These will be stocked with popular game carp and are not referring to the invasive Asian carp.

Asian "Jumping" or "Flying" Carp

Asian Carp Infestation

Asian carp, which are also known as jumping carp or flying carp, are an invasive species that should not be considered along the same lines as the grass carp, white amur, or other types of carp that are popular among carp anglers throughout Canada, or throughout the world for that matter.  Major efforts are being made to keep Asian Carp out of important water ways, but with very weak results that don't bode well for stopping further infestation.  Asian carp are considered junk fish throughout North America, and there is never any limit or restrictions on catching these fish.

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