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In golf, the implications of finding “center”could be in the arena of the individuals physical prowess. Or, could it be that in finding “center” in golf and golf activity as a group, a catalyst in redeeming favorable social characteristics that society cherishes be found, including life skills: respect and quiteness?

Can we find an environmental “center” in golf, as refuge that endures and sustains the higher good and higher Self, such as the American Indian had done entering the sweat lodge?

Isn’t there a thread of connectedness between the family, the tribe, and the nation seeking harmony and equality reflected in golf’s foursomes and the golf games natural environment, plus life skills that endeavor to assimilate the mindfulness accrued from golf activity, for the collective - the family?

To know “center” you must experience it. To find “center”, could it be that to be fully equipped and properly trained in the lie variables of its discipline, a reservoir of educated teachers be synchronized to teach and to be assembled?

Professionals competent in circular energy forms and 360 degrees of lie variables and angles will be included therein. Hence, the Swing Doctor and the Crooked Lies are an invented golf force. It’s parapher-

nalia that work in tandem with each other at Transcendental Golf. They’ve evolved together after excluding linear golf mat design.

Other “centers” to be found are ongoing. Those found are investigated and a dialogue set-up. Intent is to live in the moment - design for the future.

Design at Transcendental Golf learning center has altered an overview of environmental prerequisites. This internal undertaking equips a golf range facility so the environment eases the way in finding “center”, paralleling neurolingistic programs that say, “Place your positives in a circle and enter the circle to become renewed.”

To find “center” one must turn inward. The purpose of this book is to gather and guide beginners as well as experienced golfers to an environment, which may provide information that extends beyond the physical golf swing into social and cultural parts of their lives.

The possibilities of finding harmony inherent in the game of golf may be a challenge and an education as one directs their inward search for “center”.

What’s an overview of environmental prerequistes? Is there an internal undertaking that equips a golf facility to manage itself so the environment eases the way for an individual finding “center” - paralleling neurolinguistic programming’s effort of “entering the circle”.

At Whistling Straits Golf Course, during the 2010 PGA Championship, the rules of golf, and an abundance of bunkers, on a huge piece of property, caused player and spectator disorientation. Gallery ropes separate some bunkers and players from spectators, but not all bunkers were free from the galleries coming and going. Some bunkers had rakes - some didn’t. I was told, ‘ Jack, sand castles and pop cans were part of Whistling Straits bunkers during the PGA event. “

Dustin Johnson was penalized two shots for grounding his golf club in a bunker on the final hole of the seventy-two hole tournament. He had said, “ I’m glad I had not holed the first putt I attempted on the final hole to win this tournament! I know the rules. I had considered that bunker not to be a bunker.”

The geographical location of Whistling Straits blends an aesthetic contribution to this magnificent golf course. Lake Michigan, the dunes, and the enormity of space, shape and design unlike any otherGolf is constantly being reshaped, the tools/equipment, the playing field, and its golfers.

Could it be that the PGA venue, on the shores of Lake Michigan, in Wisconsin, has introduced an unexpected benefit to the golf collective? Dustin Johnson’s loss may have contributed to an understanding and environmental awakening including the rules, golf course design, and how to facilitate movement during a golf tournament, which may result in a beneficial outcome.

How can we give something that we haven’t ourselves? Guidelines as simple as maintaining rakes in bunkers and an opportunity to become conscious of social and cultural improvement by rendering our service to each other is an educative process available in golf presenting the axiom - “Actions speak louder than words.”Contact to order your copy.


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