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Iron Horse Logo

Iron Horse Bicycles, founded in 1987 on Long Island, New York, was a manufacturer of a variety of high end bicycles from racing bikes to mountain bikes, although they mainly focused on downhill, freeride, and all mountain bikes.

With a combination of innovative designs, aggressive pricing, and a top-notch racing program they quickly established themselves as the market leaders. For many years they were selling some of the most desirable mtb models available.

Unfortunately, in early 2009 Iron Horse filed for bankruptcy.

2009 Iron Horse Mountain Bike Models

2009 Iron Horse Sachem 4.0
2009 Iron Horse Sachem 4.0
2009 Iron Horse Warrior 4.0
2009 Iron Horse Warrior 4.0
2009 Iron Horse Warrior 6.0
2009 Iron Horse Warrior 6.0
2009 Iron Horse Yakuza Aniki
2009 Iron Horse Yakuza Aniki
2009 Iron Horse Yakuza Kumicho
2009 Iron Horse Yakuza Kumicho

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NikeRiderLtd profile image

NikeRiderLtd 6 years ago from Rugby England and Las Cruces NM

Love your designs...would you be interested in some ideas to extend your range? One is an easi-loading MULTIRACK that can carry ski's,bikes and canoes at the same time as well as for everday usage..meaning the sports-activist can have one roofrack solution for day to day work and leisure needs. The second solution requires more R&D liasion when the first is active.

Mike Padgett 6 years ago

what about ironhorse outlaw 24 inch mountain bike just bought one at a yard sale

anon.y,mous 15 months ago

i have a Warrior 6point0 and its shames Sundays and Sachems. It has 150mm bombers up front with a Vanilla R at the back, Avid hydros, Funn bar and stem and it rolls on Alex rims.. far better than any other IH downhills and even at 35lb's it is not heavy.. i am 5'09'' and 10st1lb and mines a 19'' large... best bike.. ever..

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