Is it a Zamboni or an Olympia

Rest in peace, Frank

Your guys didn't build this one.
Your guys didn't build this one.

Much like Kleenex

A US based sports website here has incorrectly reported a story that took place today at the 2010 Winter Olympics in the speed skating venue in Richmond B.C. They repeatedly referred to the ice resurfacing machine (with a capital Zed) as a Zamboni when the machine that failed to work properly is actually an Olympia (a Zamboni competitor). Frankly, I didn't read the whole story. This is rather unfair to Frank Zamboni the inventor of this type of ice resurfacing machine. What is surprising to find out is that Frank invented this machine in a Los Angeles suburb.

But it is much like the fact that we call all facial tissues a Kleenex or kleenex. Zamboni has become the generic name of all ice resurfacing machines, no matter what brand name they might sell under. I would suggest that the folks at Zamboni might send the folks at the sports website above, a nasty little letter or email advising them of their error and either get the retraction or sue them as many lawyers would recommend. They need all the business they can get. The lawyers, I mean. Olympia won't be getting a lot of calls for new equipment after that failure.

But, in the spirit of the Olympics, let's just let it go. Let's just chalk it up to another reporter just trying to write something sensational about that which they know very little or probably nothing at all. Let's just hope that the problem will get corrected and all those competitors who have worked for so many years will be able to compete fairly.

Go Canada. Yes I am Canadian and proud of it, thank you very much.

And it's Zed here and not a Zee.

And as an update, Winter Olympic officials recognize that the equipment is problematic and will be replacing it with the real thing--Zamboni ice resurfacers. Frank is smiling. Wonder what the folks at Olympia are doing?

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