Juan Manuel Lopez vs Orlando Salido – The Aftermath

If you are a boxing fan, then you know what happened in Puerto Rico when Juan Manuel Lopez clashed with Mexican Orlando Salido at the Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Everyone expected JuanMa (who is Puerto Rican) to ran over his Mexican opponent. During the first few rounds of the fight, it looked like JuanMa was going to live up to the general public's expectations. He looked stronger, bigger and faster. He was a notch higher than Salido with regards to quickness of hands and foot movement.

It was all good and fine in favor of JuanMa until he began succumbing to Salido's pressure. The Mexican warrior that he is, Salido just poured it on and kept pushing the pressure on the Puerto Rican. He knocked him down in the 5th round. He continued on with with his onslaught until the referee stopped the fight during the 8th stanza. The challenger who was a huge underdog going into the fight came out on top, his hands raised and the WBO championship belt wrapped around his waist. He was teary-eyed. Who wouldn't be?

This brings us to the question: What is next for both fighters? An immediate rematch could be done. JuanMa will surely be very happy to do a rematch considering the fact that this was his very first professional loss and he lost his belt in the process. A rematch will give him the opportunity to redeem himself and win back his title. That is of course if Salido grants him a rematch. It wouldn't be surprising if Salido doesn't. The business side of boxing often gets in the way of these things.

Being a boxing fan myself, I would love to see a rematch. The fight was a very competitive one and it will be interesting to see how JuanMa will adjust if they ever meet again. Something inside me tells me that JuanMa will win the rematch by knockout. A lot of people are actually questioning the way the fight was stopped by the referee. They are saying that it was an immature stoppage and I sort of agree and disagree with them. It was hard to see if JuanMa was out on his feet while being attacked by Salido when the referee intervened to stop it. He was fighting back and throwing punches but he seemed to be throwing them to the wind. They were more like “keep away from me” punches rather than “take these” punches.

When the referee intervened, JuanMa looked like he wasn't protesting it. He looked like he was almost happy that the referee stopped it. So I don't know. Immature stoppage or not, I believe Salido deserved the win. He went in there to fight and pummeled a guy everyone thought he can't beat.

One interesting thing about the fight was that Juan Manuel Lopez was put in a similar position as to that of Daniel Ponce de Leon when Lopez knocked him out in 2008. Ponce de Leon was the next big thing taking a fairly unknown boxer in JuanMa. Everyone knows how JuanMa went on to blast de Leon in one round. Although Salido didnt blast JuanMa the way JuanMa blasted de Leon, the scenario is a very similar thing.

With that said and done, I can't wait to see how JuanMa is going to rebound from his loss. I'd also be watching if Salido can defend his newfound belt for as long as he can.

Till next time, folks.

Recap: Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Orlando Salido

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