KNICKS N' LACERATIONS -- Stephon Marbury

The problem with Stephon is that he'll never be known as a defensive presence due to how famous his scoring is. This will lead to all kinds of other things to make him stop trying. Stephon is cursed because he's small. At 6'2'' and a pure scorer, he can't play two-guard, and he's not a passer, so you can't put him at the point. Think about how studly you have to be to be 6'2'', a total shooter, and still star in the NBA? Iverson at least handles the ball like a point guard and passes all the time. And he's quicker. So essentially we're talking about a guy who is built like Iverson, but slow, and is still somehow built to handle pretty much the whole offense by his damn self.

And that's the greatness of Starbury.

Next week on Knicks N' Lacerations -- Larry Brown's funky ass.


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