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There are some great kids 4 wheelers out there for you to choose from to suit your child’s needs.  ATV enthusiasts often aren’t interested the Chinese quad market, opting instead of the high quality Japanese models to choose from.  So, if you are in the market for a new quad, but don’t want to get a cheap Chinese ATV, the major brands may be for you.  Here’s what types of kids 4 wheelers you may want to consider for your youth rider.


The Honda TRX90X is one of the high quality kids 4 wheelers out there.  Available in red/black or white/black coloring, this Japanese ATV is built to last.  Honda has been considered the benchmark in the all terrain vehicle industry for decades.  At about $3,000, however, this is among the most expensive of all kids 4 wheelers on the market.  You pay for quality.  The quad industry is no exception to the rule.


Yamaha has two models this year.  First up is the Raptor 90cc model.  Virtually all Chinese quad manufactures copy this kids four wheeler’s body type.  It’s very sporty looking and has long been a favorite for youth ATV riders for years now.  It’s reliable and high quality.

Next up for Yamaha, is the Grizzly 125.  The 125cc ATV is perfect for teenagers, but perhaps too big for a child.  It’s a great in between size to consider when they are too big for a 50cc or 90cc, but not quite ready to handle and adult quad.  These kids 4 wheelers are for the bigger children only.


First up for Kawasaki is the KFX50.  This tough little quad is for the little ones.  It’s one of the smaller kids 4 wheelers, so it will work for small drivers.  Best of all, the price is just under $2,000.  This makes it one of the cheaper models you can buy from the major manufacturers. 

Kawasaki has two entrants in the kids 4 wheelers lineup again this year.  The KFX90 is being produced yet again.  This one, like the 50cc, has been around for quite some time.  Both are quite reliable and worth of mention with any Japanese quad manufacturers. 


Well, the Polaris brand is leader of the pack when it comes to kids 4 wheelers, with four to choose from.  Let’s start out with the Outlaw models.  There is a 50 and 90cc model, both of which are quite sporty.  These quads are priced between Kawasaki and Honda and are high quality.

Next up is the Youth Sportsman 90cc.  This is a utility ATV, just like Dad’s Sportsman.  It comes complete with cargo racks for hauling stuff.  It’s a great machine and has been around for years.  It’s a staple in the Polaris lineup of kids 4 wheelers. 

Polaris is the first in the industry to offer a youth side x side model, or UTV.  The 170 Ranger RZR is the first of its kind.  It’s sure to set the side by side vehicle industry on fire.  Look for the other manufacturers to join the party with this addition to kids 4 wheelers in the future.

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Dokemion 6 years ago

thanks for posting this!! I have a yamaha grizzly 660 and it rocks!! ^L^


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